Lewis fights a free plan to ax the status of a charity for an abortion prevention pregnancy center

Ottawa-Reslin Lewis, one of the first members of parliament on Parliamentary Hill, will invite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a pregnancy center at risk of losing charity in opposition to abortion. It states.

A newly elected Ontario representative reveals her plans to a crowd of recent demonstrators gathered in Ottawa to oppose the Free Government’s promise to remove the status of a charity against abortion. Did.

During the campaign, Trudeau made a platform pledge not to provide this status to organizations that provide “dishonest counseling to women about women’s rights and options available at all stages of pregnancy.”

It lists the Crisis Pregnancy Center as an example, and says that proponents of access to abortion services provide incorrect information about the procedure.

Frederik Chabot, Director of Health Promotion for Action, said: Canada for Sexual Health and Rights mentioned a critical pregnancy center.

In a statement, former conservative leader candidate Justin Trudeau, who was highly favored by the party’s social conservatives, called for Trudeau to “comply with the Liberal Party of Canada’s non-liberal values ​​test.” Said that he had carried out the plan. To provide support to women.

“Women are often in a position to feel that their life situation forces them to make decisions they don’t want to do,” she said.

“As a member of Parliament, do I oppose the proposed non-liberal and anti-feminine policies that seek to deprive the organization of charitable status? It does not pass Justin Tolu’s values ​​test.” Said Lewis in her statement.

In a statement, Adrian Vopshas, ​​a spokesman for Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, reiterated the wording of the Liberal Party’s platform oath, adding that “more information will soon be available.”

In an interview, charity tax attorney Adam Aptowitzer said that fulfilling a promise could open the country to discussions about what is considered “charity” in Canada, a political burden. I warned that it would be a costly process.

“They certainly don’t want to participate in that discussion because it’s really full of difficulties,” he said.

Nonetheless, Campaign Life Coalition, a national organization that opposes abortion, is mobilizing against promises. On Wednesday, it submitted a petition to Lewis, and other lawmakers from the socially conservative class of the Federal Tories.

One of them was Alberta Parliamentarian Arnold Biasen, who appeared with Lewis at a parliamentary hill demonstration that day. He told the crowd that they would fight the “teeth and nails” movement in the House of Commons.

However, it is unclear how much conservative leader Erin O’Toole will support the battle.

Asked about the Liberal Party’s pledge on Thursday, Otur reiterated his support for reproductive rights and his disbelief in politicizing health issues.

“If someone is at stake for some reason, such as addiction, the homeless, or problems related to women’s choices, we need to bring people together rather than divide them. That’s what the Conservatives are trying to do. “

A few years ago, the Conservatives opposed the Liberal government’s requirement that applicants for a summer employment program must promise to support access to abortion in order to qualify for funding.

Last month, a federal court judge dismissed a legal objection to the rule from Right to Life in Toronto.

The Conservative’s socially conservative grassroots were some of Autur’s most intense critics, as they withdrew their promises when they ran for leadership last year and appealed directly to Lewis’s supporters.

Despite being considered an impressive show during the race, Lewis was left on the backbench when Otur nominated his pick for critics at the beginning of the month.

As a leader of the Conservative Party, Outur states that he is a supporter of reproductive rights.

Most of his caucuses voted in favor of legislative legislation in June proposing to ban doctors from doing what is known as sex-selective abortion from Saskathuwan state parliamentarian Cathay Wagantor. I threw it.

The bill was easily defeated after the MPs of the Liberal Party, NDP, and Bloc Québécois characterized it as a Trojan horse that eroded reproductive rights.

NS Stephanie Taylor

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