Lexington police say two men turned off the catalytic converter at the dealership, hidden from police

Lexington police reportedly arrested two men on Thursday after finding one in the woods and another under a car for attempting to rob a catalytic converter at a car dealership.

Lexington police have charged Harleyville’s 23-year-old Tylerley Childers and St. George’s 24-year-old John Ortiz Khan III with theft.

The children were charged with breaking into a vehicle, attempting to break into a vehicle, and illegally carrying a pistol. Kahn was charged with two charges: invading a vehicle, possessing stolen metal, and possessing tools used in the crime. Both were charged with criminal conspiracy and property damage.

“Theft of catalytic converters remains a concern, and the case highlights that the swift response of police and immediate access to drones helped these arrests,” Terrence Green said in a statement. There are. “

The theft alert was reportedly sounded at JT’s Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (4838 Sunset Boulevard) at around 11:40 pm. A policeman arrived and found the gate open. Police have found several catalytic converters hidden under the truck.

Catalytic converters are part of the vehicle’s exhaust system that converts toxic gas from the engine into water and carbon dioxide. The converter contains two precious metals, rhodium and palladium.

Police sought backup to set boundaries to find people who cut the converter from the vehicle. The officer found the truck in the woods behind the dealer. Police said there were pistols and rifles in the seats.

The Lexington Police Department’s small unmanned aerial vehicle system team used a drone to fly over the woods. The drone reportedly found the Childers hiding in the woods, and police immediately arrested him. After cuffing the Childers, police found a pistol loaded in his jacket pocket, police said.

Police searched the dealer and found Khan hiding under a pickup truck that had removed the catalytic converter, officials said. He had a tool used to cut metal with him.

At least three converters have been disconnected from the vehicle, police said.

Officers imprisoned both men in Lexington County Detention Center. The Children were released on public debt. According to records, Kahn is still imprisoned, waiting for another police agency to prosecute him in another case.

“Law enforcement is changing rapidly, and technologies and tools are evolving to help police officers build safer Lexington towns,” Green said.

tMost of the catalytic converters have surged In Midlands Especially Lexington CountyFollowing a national increase in crime.

A thief can make $ 50 to hundreds of dollars by selling only one catalytic converter in the scrap yard. In the article about Car and Driver.

Also, installing a new catalytic converter in a car can cost car owners $ 1,000 to $ thousands or more.

December, state agent Indicted Barnwell police officer Those who have earned at least $ 20,000 by illegally buying and selling catalytic converters.

If convicted, Childers and Kahn face the potential for decades of imprisonment.