LG confirms that its Korean stores will start selling iPhones and other Apple products




There were rumors that LG would start selling iPhones in its Korean stores, but it has finally been officially confirmed.Earlier LG was accepting ZDNet During the interview, it was revealed that their 400 stores in South Korea will start selling iPhone and other Apple products from next month. Prior to this, LG, which was still producing mobile phones, and another local giant Samsung had signed an agreement to each other promised to only sell products of their respective brands in its stores to avoid competition with small distributors. Under this premise, LG’s cooperation plan with Apple is said to have encountered resistance from a mobile phone dealer organization in the preparatory stage. Later, as LG officially ended its global mobile phone business, they reached a new agreement with distributors, so that there would no longer be any obstacles for LG stores to sell other products.

For Apple, being able to break into LG’s sales network will greatly help increase its influence in South Korea. It is estimated that it will become more confident to face its old rival Samsung in the future.