LGBT people should leave the Anglican Church for their “safety and well-being.”

People walk past Westminster Abbey-Henrinikols / Reuters

People walk past Westminster Abbey-Henrinikols / Reuters

LGBT people should leave the Anglican Church for their “safety and well-being,” a former government adviser said.

Jane Ozanne, a prominent gay evangelical Christian and member of the Synod, the legislative body of the Church, said: “The constant weakening of LGBT people and the lack of progress in creating a safe environment in which we can prosper. Is amazing. “

Earlier this month, The Telegraph was published by Ms Ozanne. Quit her role as a government equality adviser In the claim that the Boris Johnson administration created a “hostile environment” for LGBT people.

But as she wrote on her Via Media blog, she arguably made the most controversial comment to date, urging LGBT people in “pain” to leave.

She states: “To be honest, I would recommend it to everyone at LGBT who find traveling difficult and painful. It’s not a shame to go to a place where you are loved, respected and cared for. Correctly.

“A place to prepare wounds, heal the mind, be respected with dignity, and celebrate love.

“So if you’re wondering what to do, I suggest that you should put your own well-being and safety first.

“If things feel too painful, go away and find a haven, even for a short time, to find a rest and recover. Easter Saturday is an inevitable part of the Easter story. . “

Mr. Ozanne’s resignation was triggered by parliamentary discussions, as did the other two advisers. Gay conversion therapy, It drew attention to the failure of government action.

Shortly thereafter, Mr Johnson announced him End “repulsive” conversion therapy, He apologized to three LGBT advisors who stopped the lack of progress.

The Anglican Church was contacted for comment.

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