LG’s newly developed Real Folding Window is known as a surface material that is “hard as glass but folded like plastic”

LG Cham Real Folding Window

LG Cham

Although LG has already bid farewell to the mobile phone market, the upsurge of folding screen mobile phones still allows them to see opportunities to expand other businesses.Earlier LG Chem announced a new type called Real Folding Window The surface material of the company is officially said to be “as hard as glass but folded like plastic”, which can well meet the needs of folding equipment to deform while being durable without leaving marks.

Specifically, LG Chem adopted a new coating technology, coating PET film on both sides of the Real Folding Window. “Unlike the existing polyimide film and tempered glass materials, the Real Folding Window using LG Chem’s new coating technology can maximize flexibility, and it can also provide protection for the connection creases on folding phones that are often difficult to eradicate. Problems bring better solutions.” The official wrote in a press release.

According to the official introduction, Real Folding Window can be folded in or out, which is superior to existing products in terms of freedom of use. The factory stated that its thickness is also thinner than tempered glass, the pricing is more advantageous, and it has a folding life of more than 200,000 times. The current LG plan is to start mass production next year, and then officially put it on the market in 2023. In the future, they are also preparing to launch another type of Real Folding Window that does not use PET film. Its thinner thickness will be more conducive to the design of products such as folding mobile phones and curling screens.