Liam Neeson starring in Atlanta to deal with the 2019 racist debate and fans react


actor Liam Neeson The latest celebrity to appear in Donald Glover Critically The acclaimed series “Atlanta”. In an episode on Thursday, May 5, the “Taken” star apologized for his entry in 2019, where he Kill random blacks After a close friend was sexually assaulted by a black man.

The 69-year-old woman briefly appeared on Thursday, May 5th, in an episode titled “New Jazz” with Brian Tyree Henry’s character, Paper Boy. Shortly after, Paperboy picked up her drink and she unveiled a napkin labeled “CANCEL CLUB.”

Redditch, England – March 21: Liam Neeson plays the role of journalist George Herbert during a dress rehearsal for Jeff Wayne's

Redditch, England – March 21: Liam Neeson plays the role of journalist George Herbert during a dress rehearsal for Jeff Wayne’s “War of the World” stage tour in Redditch, England on March 21, 2022. It will be displayed on the screen when you are. (Photo by Dave J Hogan / Getty Images)

Neeson tells him: Any black man when I was young. My friend was raped and I acted out of anger. “

The Irish star said in hindsight, “It honestly scares me.” He continued. [that it would] It will reveal who I am and who I am. But even so … I’m sorry. We apologize for having hurt people. “It’s good to know that you don’t hate blacks,” Paperboy told the actor, between the two men, that he still loves his films. increase.

Neeson immediately fixed the wrapper and said: No, no, no, I can’t stand many of you. “Now I feel that way because you tried to ruin my career. I wasn’t successful. I’m sure I’ll get over it someday, but until then we’re deadly. It ’s an enemy. ”

“But did you learn that you shouldn’t say that?” Asked the confused Paperboy before Neeson said. But I also learned that the best and worst part of being white is that you don’t have to learn anything if you don’t want to.

Neeson’s apology seems to have been well received as fans rushed to social media accounts and responded to Neeson’s comments.

“I don’t know Donald Glover told Liam Neeson that he was still eating black beef on TV, but that episode in Atlanta is crazy,” another commented.

“Well, that Liam Neeson scene sent me. Is this a confession?” Written a third party. “#AtlantaFX participates in several multiverses.”

Neeson’s shocking revelation came during the interview When Independent is promoting the action thriller movie “Cold Pursuit,” in which Neeson’s character seeks revenge for his son’s murder. Drawing similarities to his own experience, the actor revealed that he wanted to take revenge on his friend’s rape.

“I took Kosh up and down the area. I was hoping someone would approach me. It’s embarrassing to say that, but maybe a week, expecting some things to do it. I did it. “Black bastard” Will you come out of the pub and go see me about something, do you know? May I … kill him. The repulsion flowed in immediately.