Liberal Party of Australia, Labor Senator rejects Israeli accusation by Amnesty International’s “apartheid”

Australian senators on both sides of the aisle, as well as US responders, jointly rejected Amnesty International’s recent report accusing Israel of being involved in “apartheid.”

“Our report reveals the true extent of Israel’s apartheid regime. Palestinians were inferior, whether they lived in Gaza, East Jerusalem, or other West Banks, or Israel itself. It is treated as a racial group and systematically deprived of its rights, “said Agnès Callamar, Secretary-General of Amnesty International (AI). In the statement.

“The cruel policies of separation, disposal and exclusion in all territories under Israeli control have proved to be clearly equivalent to apartheid. The international community has a duty to act,” she added. rice field.

Apartheid is a system of institutionalized divisions for racial and ethnic reasons.

Most often associated with South Africa, ending in 1994 and lasting 46 years, FW Declark was the last apartheid leader and a post-apartheid government official led by Nelson Mandela.

In response to AI’s claims, Israel’s Australian Parliamentary friends chair and vice-chairman, Senator Eric Abets of Liberal and Senator Kimberly Kitcheng of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), said that Israel’s diverse and inclusive society is in the middle. He said he “strongly refutes” any attempt to equate. An eastern country with South Africa’s apartheid government.

They were also concerned that the report could be used to justify a “boycott, sanctions, and withdrawal of investment” (BDS) campaign against Israel.

“Amnesty International’s report is littered with errors that rehash untrustworthy claims from other biased reports. It’s wrong in detail and its intent is in the way,” they said in a statement to the Epoch Times. Said in.

“Israel is a vibrant beacon of democracy in the Middle East, consisting of Jews and Arabs, Druze and Christians (both secular and religious), whose rights and freedoms are equally protected. “They added.

“We encourage the delusion that Israel and Palestinians pretend to be different from what they actually are in Israel, and that the concept of a Jewish state, whether military or trade, can be crushed by external forces. By doing so, it does not help Israeli or Palestinians. “

The chair also disappointed the timing of the report released shortly after the International Holocaust Remembrance Day called the move “nasty” and attempted to link Israel to Nazism.

Meanwhile, Eric Law, an associate professor of political communication and a former member of the African National Congress, said there was a complete lack of understanding and misuse of the term apartheid.

“The important thing to note is that the people who designed apartheid explicitly rejected” separation. ” Separation involves the integration of different races and ethnic groups into one state. All of these people work in one economy, but they live in separate social worlds, “he told The Epoch Times.

“The people who invented apartheid said that such a system would be unsustainable and would create anger and rebellion. Apartheid alternatives are for each ethnic group, such as the Zulu, Tswana, and Xhosa. It was to create a completely different state, “he added.

Apartheid creators in South Africa wanted to encourage the development of individual national identities for each ethnic group. They also served together in a council to govern the country so that the people of each state could vote for their representatives.

According to Louw, such a system would have ended the old British “isolated” states where black Africans work as white workers.

“Since the AI ​​document doesn’t understand what apartheid really was (their definition is wrong), everything they say Israel is an apartheid nation is invalid,” he said. ..

“What AI has done is to take the long-standing left-wing anti-nationalist definition of apartheid (ignoring facts and reality) and rehash this tired old demonization,” he added.

Daniel Y. Ten