Liberal Party Senator says his party needs to stop their left-wing experiments


Following Saturday’s Liberal election defeat, South Australia’s Liberal Senator Alex Antic needs his party to stop catering to the left side of politics and return to the center right where Liberal Party values ​​exist. Said.

“And the reality is that this is a centre-right Conservative,” Antik said. Outsider on Monday.

“We are not a party to the surrender to Net Zero. We should not be a party to the mandatory vaccine, I admit that it was not a federal issue, but nationally, a Liberal Party like me. The government has virtually approved them. “

Antik added that liberals are considered to be about individual choice and freedom of speech.

“We’ve all heard these hacked lines millions of times, but now it’s time to realize that the Liberal Party’s experiments on leftist and progressive poison must be over. “He said.

“I think you saw it written on the wall there.”

Senator Simon Birmingham, a former finance minister, suggested in an ABC interview on Sunday that the views expressed by Waringa Liberal election candidate Catherine Dives for women’s sports transgender athletes are inconsistent with Australian beliefs. I was disappointed with the comments.

Epoch Times Photo
Former Finance Minister Simon Birmingham at a press conference at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia, May 13, 2021. (AAP Image / Mick Tsikas)

“In the case of Warringah, we have all seen the problems that arose there. I think we will send a message about what Australians believe about the issues of respect, inclusion and diversity,” Birmingham said. rice field.

“And the message is that Australians want people to respect their lives, but they also have a strong and deep respect for the lives of others and their circumstances.

“And I’m worried that the Warringah influence might have had some contagious effect on the candidate for an adjacent Liberal Party seat, which retains its decent value but probably pays a very high price for that seat. I’m doing it, “he said.

Antik said it was “nonsense” to say that Catherine Deeves’s view was a form of transmission that spread to all voters.

“It’s completely and completely wrong,” he said.

Antik emphasized that most of the liberals who lost their seats in the elections were those who were trying to appease the left, especially when it came to climate, and only saw it backfire.

He wants to see leaders who remain loyal to their values ​​when their members represent the community, and used the example of Tony Pasin, a member of Barker in South Australia.

“He has been a strong supporter of his community, but his values ​​remain healthy,” he said.

“The combination of diligence, good values ​​and local involvement has yielded great results. As a result, he may now have the safest seat in the country.”

“I think he’s lost a percentage, or very little,” Antik said.

Antic said a similar situation was seen in the recent state elections in South Australia, where talented local candidates who were listening to their members were elected.

Meanwhile, Birmingham needs to assure ABC that the future free government will be responsible for the interests of Australia’s entire nation on climate change issues, while Australia recognizes the science of climate change. He said he needed to make Australians understand that.

“Some of us always have it, but we all need to have it,” he said.

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