Liberal Party taps another officer to replace Fortin in a vaccine campaign


Ottawa — The Liberal government has hired another officer to take over from the Major General. Danny Fortin suddenly resigned from his role in overseeing Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign for a military investigation last week.

Brigadier General Krista Brodie is responsible for managing national vaccine distribution and deployment efforts. These are expected to increase in the coming weeks as millions of shots arrive in the country before the summer.

The Public Health Service announced the appointment of Brody on Monday. The Liberal government was struggling to reassure the Canadians that the sudden departure of Fortin would not undermine the vaccination campaign, but remained silent about why he was taken away. ..

Brody, a 30-year military veteran with extensive logistics experience, is no stranger to the vaccine campaign. Since Fortin was appointed in November, she has worked with Fortin to inoculate and distribute millions of vaccines from abroad to various states and territories.

The Defense Ministry issued a brief three-line statement on Friday evening stating that Fortin had resigned from its role as responsible for the government’s vaccine distribution efforts due to an unspecified “military investigation.”

Some experts have expressed concern about the lack of information about the nature of the investigation, given recent concerns about the importance of Fortin’s role and the lack of transparency and accountability from the military.

They also questioned why the government took so long to identify alternatives to lead the deployment of vaccination.

The Canadian Press did not have the authority to publicly discuss that the investigation was related to allegations of sexual misconduct, so it confirmed through sources that were granted anonymity.

CTV News on Sunday, Fortin Que in 1989. When he was a cadet at the Royal Military College in Saint-Jean, he reported that he was being investigated for exposing himself to a woman.

Fortin refused to comment by email to the Canadian Press on Monday, but his military lawyer denied that the general had done anything wrong.

“It was the news reporter who informed the Major General. Fortin of allegations against him,” Cmdr said. Mark Retornaud said in a statement. “This completely surprised him. He positively and categorically denies this claim.”

Hours before Brody’s appointment, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole called on the government to provide more information to Canadians, failing to threaten public confidence in the military and vaccine campaigns. Suggested.

“Justin Trudeau must be transparent to Canadians who deserve trust in our system. It starts with providing information,” Autour said in a statement.

“The government issued a statement late Friday to announce the Major General. Fortin was no longer responsible for the deployment of the vaccine while the investigation was underway, but has not yet confirmed the nature of the investigation.”

O’Toole also demanded that the government announce who would take over from Fortin, who was appointed to manage the vaccination campaign after overseeing a NATO training mission in Iraq.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went out in brief public on Monday to announce federal funding to hire an auditor for the remodeling of household energy, but he didn’t stick to asking questions.

Instead, Natural Resources Minister Seams Olegan and Employment Minister Carla Quatrov answered questions about Fortin’s dismissal and what that means for vaccination campaigns.

Ministers downplayed the significant impact on the campaign, suggesting that the campaign is proceeding smoothly and that other members of the Canadian Armed Forces continue to play an important role in this effort.

But both remained moms in other respects about the nature of the investigation, and when the government first learned about it.

“The mission is underway,” Quatlov said at one point. “We continue to deliver and continue surgery … Ultimately, Canadians get the vaccine we have to deliver to them.”

By Lee Berthiaume