Liberal, you have to spend time with police officers on the street

Liberals don’t know the police

I’m very fed up with the wrath of liberals like Herma Percy. (July 4, 5C, “Derek Chauvin does not verdict the justice we seek”) Just because there was one bad police officer in the George Floyd case, all police officers in the country said he There is no proof that it is the same as.

It would be justice to let these militants defend their streets and see first-hand what our officers face on a daily basis. But they don’t have the courage to do more than move their mouths.

-Mark Fox, Odessa

Como showed how to do it right

We read about all the bad things that are happening every day, but I would like to commend the organizers of the Independence Day parade in the Como community. (July 6, 1A, “The 70th Commodity Parade will unite to celebrate the neighborhood”)

It’s good to see neighbors who are always doing bad rap get together and do something good for their inhabitants. And it’s great to see plans to involve young people.

Fort Worth would be even better if more people worked together in an organized way to get things done.

-Randy Sanders, Everyman

Local issues are important

All focused on Joe and Hunter Biden, given the July 4 top page article “The Panther Island Boss Received An Additional $ 60,000 on Paid Holidays” on Payments for the Tarant Regional Water District. Tell people. About the turmoil of JD Granger, Kay Granger, and Panther Island. Ask city leaders to explain the costs associated with local and local projects.

-Gabriel Gordon, Tarrant County, not incorporated

Bat out, club for growth

It would be a criminal offense for Susan Wright and Club for Growth to go to Jake Elsie with a negative ad in a race in District 6 of Congress.

Elsey graduated from the US Navy School. He was a fighter pilot at USS Ronald Reagan. He has been deployed 9 times. Governor Rick Perry has appointed him to the Texas Veterans Commission. He works for Texas House and flies to commercial airlines.

Why is the external group Club For Growth spending so much money to select people with far fewer qualifications?

Vote for Jake Elsie and give Parliamentary District 6 a good person who played fairly.

-Jan Brand, Arlington

We all feel it, so let’s act

July 5th story “Summer trends: hot days in the west, hot nights in the east(6A) was an excellent overview of rising average temperatures in the United States. We have reached a point where the increase is causing significant discomfort and distress.

What is clear is that they are experiencing serious consequences from increased greenhouse gas emissions. Bold and bold steps must be taken to reduce these emissions.

Currently, Congress has five bills that require domestic prices for carbon emissions. It’s worth considering everything. Expect Dallas / Fort Worth representatives, Kay Granger, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Mark Vizzy, Colin Allred, and Beth Van Duin to do so.

–Daniel DeWilde, Fort worth

Border walls are a basic need

The times have changed since I was growing up. We were raised to be independent and take care of ourselves. We didn’t want to ask anyone for help. Now we are complaining that the government is not taking good care of them.

The main constitutional obligation of the government is to defend, not to take care of us. Also, if you do not think it contains a border wall, you should consult with landowners and citizens near the border. (June 18, 13A, “Abbott has found a way to worsen Texas’s border wall program.”)

-Pamela Howard, Colleyville

Focus on good police

Recently, when I got lost, I drove to Fort Worth for a bridge game on Wednesday. I felt like I was driving in a circle. There was a Fort Worth police car behind me, so I flagged the cop. He was very kind and compassionate and offered to take me to my bridge studio.

If he is an example of the Fort Worth police station, Cowtown is in good hands. We would have a much better relationship with our police if the media reported the good things our police did, rather than making all the bad stories sensational.

There are far more good officers than bad ones. Give good people their duty.

-Eloise Wray, Azure

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