Libya will be vaccinated for the first 100,000 doses

Cairo-Authorities say Libya has received the first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine.

The Libyan Ministry of Health said 101,250 doses of Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine had landed in the capital, Tripoli, and were taken to the ministry’s warehouse on Sunday.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dobeiba said in a tweet that other cargo would arrive, although no time frame was set.

In Libya, the number of cases of COVID-19 confirmed in recent weeks has increased.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 161,000 confirmed cases and 2,684 virus-related deaths have been reported in approximately 7 million counties. However, the actual number of cases in Libya, like elsewhere in the world, is believed to be much higher due to limited testing.


Outbreak of virus:

— Christian observes Second easter Shaped by a pandemic

— Foreigners are empowering Kuwait’s economy but struggling to gain Coronavirus vaccine

— UK drug regulators are urging people to take AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine


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What else is happening:

Spain has repatriated hundreds of citizens and residents after Madrid-Morocco canceled flights between Spain and France to stop the rise of coronavirus infections.

Spain’s Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalezraya said about 3,000 Spaniards remained stuck in a country in North Africa.

According to local media, the ferry departing from Tangier accommodates about 750 passengers. The Spanish Embassy in Morocco states that another 200 flights will be carried on flights from Casablanca.

Another ferry is scheduled to depart on Tuesday.

Morocco announced last Monday that it would cancel flights between Spain and France as part of a package of measures to combat the pandemic.


London — The UK Government plans to try a coronavirus status certification program over the next few months to enable the safe return of mass gatherings in places such as sports grounds and nightclubs.

Authorities are expected to consider passports that indicate whether they have been vaccinated, have recently been negative for the virus, or are immune because they have been positive in the last 6 months.

Trial events include the FA Cup semifinals and finals of football, the World Snooker Championship, and the comedy club show.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce details on Monday. He said the trial will play an important role in enabling “reopening our country so that people can return to events, travel and other favorite things as safely as possible.” Stated.

However, dozens of Johnson Conservatives are against the plan, and Johnson can have a hard time getting Congress to approve the trial.


Paris — Approximately 9,000 people were vaccinated at Lyon’s huge stadium on Easter weekend, and thousands more across France as the government seeks to speed up vaccination amid a surge in new viruses. Is on vacation for an injection.

However, when France faced a second Easter in a row under a pandemic cloud, some cities opposed President Emmanuel Macron’s claim that “there are no weekends or holidays during vaccination.”

According to city officials, authorities in Strasbourg on the German border closed vaccination facilities from Friday to Monday so that workers could “finally rest a little”. To make available vaccines that could still save lives for the population, the city extended its weekly vaccination time and instead injected all weekly vaccines between Monday and Thursday.

The city of Sarcelles in northern Paris is one of the cities that remains open on Sundays amid the infection and demand for mushroom hunting. The surrounding Val-d’Oise region is currently the most prevalent in France, with some of the poorest. Sarcelles’ challenges symbolize inequality exacerbated by the virus.

Easter’s accelerated efforts are in contrast to the start of vaccine deployment in France in late December, when the year-end and New Year staff shortages meant late start of injections, which was initially focused on nursing homes.

France reports 96,280 people, one of the highest virus deaths in the world, with the highest number of virus infections in Europe.


Seoul, South Korea — A limited number of Christians participated in the Easter Sunday service in South Korea, learned and adhered to South Korea’s strict social distance rules.

Yoido Full Gospel Church, the largest Protestant church in South Korea, has only about 2,000 members who can participate in Easter services, which is about 17% of the capacity of the main building. Masked church members sang hymns, clap their hands, and prayed that worship would be broadcast online and on Christian television channels.

The Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral in Seoul, the largest Catholic church in South Korea, limited mass attendance to 20% of its capacity and livestreamed the service on YouTube.

Under current physical distance rules, religious institutions in the metropolitan area allow up to 20% of worshipers to attend regular worship services. Last Sunday, South Korea reported 543 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the country’s total to 105,279 and killing 1,744 people.


Las Vegas — Nevada regulators raise current gambling floor occupancy limit to more than 50% State OK casinos need to take steps to encourage workers to vaccinate COVID-19 It states.

Gaming Control Boards and Gaming Control Boards include guidelines on Friday to provide vaccinated employees with paid leave, coordinate transportation to vaccine sites, and urge casinos to arrange with pharmacies for vaccine distribution. A memo has been issued.

The state on March 15 increased the maximum floor occupancy of gambling from 25% to 50% of capacity, and regulators were approved from May 1 to approve a reopening plan with a high occupancy limit. It was.

According to this memo, the operator’s request to raise capacity limits is “only made if the licensee has taken measurable and significant steps” to vaccinate the employee.

According to this memo, the Nevada hospitality workforce is “relatively low in vaccination penetration,” but some companies are beginning to take steps to encourage employees to vaccinate.

Starting Monday, Nevada will increase the age-based eligibility for vaccination of all people over the age of 16.


Beirut — The Syrian government says primary schools will be closed indefinitely next week as cases of coronavirus increase significantly.

The university suspends classes for only two weeks and the high school remains open. A government ministry announcement on Saturday states that the closure will take effect on Monday. The final exam from 5th grade to high school will run from April 25th for 4 days.

Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in Syria, and state media reported last month that the intensive care unit of a state hospital in the capital of Damascus was full.


Islamabad-Pakistan federal authorities will begin vaccination of residents over the age of 80 with coronavirus on Monday.

The country received 60,000 CanSino vaccines from China at the beginning of the week. Pakistan is already using the China National Pharmaceutical vaccine donated by Beijing last month.

The National Command and Control Center states that vaccination will begin in all four states for people over the age of 80.

Pakistan has reported 4,723 new cases of coronavirus and 84 confirmed deaths in the last 24 hours. The country is facing a surge in viruses, and the government says it is worse than last year’s outbreak, which imposed a national blockade.

Pakistan reported a total of 68,288 cases and 14,697 confirmed deaths.


Dhaka, Bangladesh-Bangladesh authorities impose a week-long national blockade on Monday to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Ovaidur Quadr announced plans on Saturday. The government states that 5,683 new infections and 58 deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours.

Forhad Hossain, Deputy Secretary of State for Government, said that organizations providing emergency services will be available during the blockade. He says the industry remains open and employees need to work in shifts according to health guidelines.

The government has already banned travel from all European countries except the United Kingdom and 12 other countries for three weeks.

Bangladesh enrolled a total of 630,277 cases and recorded 9,213 confirmed deaths. Health experts say the actual numbers are probably higher.

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