Lightfoot says she “absolutely” excludes white journalists from the interview again


Chicago Mayor Lori light foot She “absolutely” allows interviews journalist Colored again after a wave of repulsion at the beginning of the year she announced her policy.

“I’ll definitely do it again. I don’t apologize for it because it spurred conversations that were very important, conversations that needed to happen, and conversations that should have happened long ago,” Democrats said. Said Part of the New York Times podcast Sway released on Monday.

“This is the conclusion for me. To be clear, I am the mayor of a black woman,” she said. “I’m the mayor of the third largest city in the country. Obviously, it’s important to advocate what I think is important because I have a platform. Go back to why I ran and break through the status quo. For .. The media is very important to our democracy …. The media is in an era of incredible turmoil and turmoil, but our city hall press seems to be in 1950 or 1970. . “

Tulsi Gabbard demands Lori Lightfoot’s resignation after allowing only color journalists to interview

May, light foot One-on-one interview said Nothing to commemorate her second anniversary will be offered to whites Reporter.. At the time, she said the initiative would promote diversity and inclusion to counter “the overwhelming whiteness and masculinity of the Chicago media.”

“You may have heard the news that we will be offering a one-on-one interview with a color journalist exclusively on the occasion of the second anniversary of the mayor of this big city.” She said In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner. “As a colorful human being, I have done everything I can to fight for diversity and inclusion in all the institutions I belong to. As the mayor, I am on this most important issue. We are in a unique position to shine the spotlight. “

“Since the first day of the 2018 campaign, I’ve been struck by the overwhelming whiteness and masculineness of the Chicago media, editorial board, political press, and especially the city press,” she continued. ..

When Lightfoot was faced with this issue and recalled criticism from those who suggested that politicians could not choose to report, she remained rebellious and the move resisted “institutional racism.” He said he intended to do that.

“No, you don’t choose who covers me, right? I did an exclusive interview,” the mayor said. “And we can choose who to talk to exclusively. I did an exclusive interview with a color journalist? For a 24-hour period, it seemed like people’s heads exploded. m Racist? “No, it’s not about individuals. It’s about systematic racism. “

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Journalists in May opposed the movement of Lightfoot.

“I’m a Latino reporter [at the Chicago Tribune] Today’s interview request was accepted, “said reporter Greg Pratt. Tweet.. “But I asked the mayor’s office to lift the condition of others, and when they said no, we canceled in honor. Politicians are the ones who cover them. I can’t choose. “

Similarly, NBC5 political reporter Mary Ann Ahan told the Washington Examiner, “I have expressed my anger. Nothing has changed.”

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