Linda Evangelista returns to modeling for the first time since the procedure she said hurt her


After a long break, supermodel Linda Evangelista is back on the runway.

Evangelista, 57, posted on Instagram that she will be attending Fashion House Fendi’s “Special Fashion Show” in September 2022. The show celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic Fendi baguette bag. She also shared new photos from some of the campaigns that accompany the special presentation.

Evangelista barely talked about how she felt about returning to her starring career, but fans and fellow creatives filled in the comments with messages of joy and support.

“The internet broke,” stylist Jimmy Paul wrote with a series of heart emojis.

“I wish I were there! Send me a lot of love,” added Debi Mazar, actor and Madonna’s best friend.

Another said, “And Fashion Galaxy and I are grateful that you are back lily!”

As she said, this seems to be Evangelista’s first foray into modeling. Cosmetology Leaving her “cruelly hurt”. In 2021, she wrote on Instagram: Cool Sculpting procedure She “increased” rather than reduced fat cells, so she remained “permanently deformed” and “unrecognizable” after two orthodontic surgeries.

Evangelista said he also developed paradoxical fat hyperplasia. American Society of Plastic Surgery Described as “an unexpected increase in the number of fat cells”. This can happen after the procedure. It “destroys livelihoods”, “is sent to a cycle of deep depression, deep sadness, and the lowest depths of oneself” -disgust. “

Last year, Evangelista filed a $ 50 million lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics, the company that performed this procedure, alleging severe and permanent personal injury. It is unknown where the proceedings today are.

“In this proceeding, I’m moving forward to get rid of my shame and publish my story,” she says. I have written at the time. “I’m so tired of living this way. I don’t look like myself anymore, but I want to raise my head and get out of the door.”

In February, Zeltiq Aesthetics declined today’s comment on the Evangelista proceedings because of an ongoing proceeding, but Cool Sculpting said, “With over 100 scientific publications and over 11 million treatments worldwide. It has been well researched. “

By clarifying People magazine cover story At that time, Evangelista said that the “fear and shame” of the effect of the procedure had driven her into quarantine for almost five years. In her Instagram post, she described herself as a “hermit.”

“I loved being on the catwalk. Now I’m afraid to come across someone I know,” she told People. “I can’t live hiding and embarrassed like this anymore. I couldn’t live in this pain anymore. I’d like to talk to you at last.”