Lindsay Graham has exposed a big lie by the Republican Party.They don’t want state-determined abortions

Lindsey Graham is one of Washington DC’s most dishonest politicians. He helped pitch a lie that won his 6-3 Supreme Court majority that conservatives have long been waiting for. The Supreme Court rewarded these lies by eradicating Roe v. Wade and the half-century-long precedent that has allowed a woman to access her reproductive health care without too much government interference. It’s no surprise that senior senators from South Carolina have exposed one of the Republican Party’s biggest lies in recent times: they wanted abortion to be decided at the state level.

It was never a supportable position. It was always illogical to argue that what they called “murder” should be illegal or legal based on where the abortion took place. I’m not saying it’s okay to be declared legal and illegal in California, but that’s what you were trying to declare about abortion. Murder should be banned outright. If not, please stop fueling an already emotional and morally sensitive discussion.

Back in May, Graham was part of that lie. He argued that the most constitutionally sound way to deal with the issue, and the way the United States handled it until his 1973, was that every state could “determine if abortion was legal, and on what terms.” “I believe it is.” But this week, he sang a different song when he proposed his nationwide 15-week abortion ban. He dubbed it a law to protect painful fetuses from late-term abortion laws, but it was a transparent attempt to regain reproductive rights in Democratic-led states, where red states enacted strict anti-abortion laws. make it possible to carry out

Graham, who has become the face of the Republican push to impose a nationwide abortion ban, is right at the center given the misleading ways in which the party has reshaped the Supreme Court. Graham has traditionally not seated new judges in presidential election years after then-President Barack Obama nominated current Attorney General Merrick Garland to the vacant seat. With Graham’s full approval, Republicans held courts for almost a year just to deprive Democrats of one of the most important decisions a president can make. He lied, said it would be the new norm, and said he would oppose attempts by Republican presidents to seat new court members in election years. Make Amy Coney Barrett the newest Supreme Court Justice.

No matter how self-righteous he may be, he cannot be trusted, and he loves to speak self-righteously. Perhaps that’s why South Carolina Representative Neil Collins had no problem projecting empathy for women in a widely circulated video of his testimony before a state House committee. She told me about a 19-year-old girl who had a miscarriage in a week and was told by doctors that her life was in danger.

“At that point, the doctor first told me she had a greater than 50% chance of losing her uterus,” Collins said. “There’s a 10% chance she’ll develop sepsis and die. It’s weighing on me. I voted for that bill. These are affecting people.”

I should have known he would have no problem voting for even more barbaric anti-abortion legislation in a few days. I know he wasn’t hurt, and I doubt his will.