Lindsey Graham calls for the assassination of Vladimir Putin

Anna Money Maker

Anna Money Maker

A sitting US senator thought it was a good idea to explicitly demand the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday night.

While appearing on Fox News’ host Sean Hannity’s Golden Time program Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) He declared that the only way to end the exacerbated crisis caused by Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine would be if his party killed Putin.

“What happens is that Putin sees Biden and thinks he can increase his size and escape with it. He keeps coming and going and no one in the West is going to stop him.” Graham shouted.

South Carolina parliamentarians then referred to both Julius Caesar’s betrayal and the failed attempt to kill German Adolf Hitler in 1944.

“How does this end? Someone in Russia needs to step up to the plate,” Graham told Hannity. He also pondered Putin’s assassination plan the night before... “Is there Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian army? The only way this ends is for my friend, someone in Russia, to take this guy out! You are wonderful in your country It will provide service and great service to the world. “

In particular, Graham’s eye-catching remarks came when Fox News rolled a picture of a fire set up at a huge Ukrainian nuclear power plant following a bombardment by a Russian armored pillar. Stationmaster, thankfully He later stated that the facility’s radiation safety was ensured. Currently, there was no threat of a nuclear accident.

Shortly after appearing at the Hanity show, Graham decided to tweet the same request to someone in Russia to kill Putin, reiterating that this was the best way to stop the war.

“Only Russians can fix this,” said Senator Trump. Add to subsequent tweets.. “It’s easy to say, but difficult. Unless you want to live in the dark for the rest of your life, you need to step up to the plate to be isolated from the rest of the world in terrible poverty and live in the dark. there is.

Graham’s remarks soon encountered criticism across the political spectrum. News host Laura Ingraham said she “likes Lindsey Graham” and that it “seems really dangerous and stupid” for Senators to tweet the threat of assassination on Thursday night. Stated.

Twitter spokesperson hasn’t responded yet when The Daily Beast asks if Graham’s tweet violates Platform rules for violent threats And the agitation of physical harm.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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