Lindsey Graham said that nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court “looks like America” ​​rather than affirmative action.

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.Pool via Greg Nash / AP

  • Senator Graham rejected the idea that President Biden tapping a black woman for SCOTUS was an affirmative action.

  • Senator said Biden has a wealth of qualified candidates.

  • His comments came after Senator Wicker stated that a black female candidate would be a “beneficiary” of affirmative action.

Senator Lindsey Graham pledged President Joe Biden on Sunday Nomination The first black woman to the US Supreme Court was “affirmative action,” which the court said “looks like America.”

During the interview South Carolina Republicans have asked moderator Margaret Brennan about CBS’s “Face the Nation” to replace Judge Stephen Breyer, who will resign from the Supreme Court later this year. He said he supported it.

“Please put me in the camp to make sure the courts and other agencies look like America,” said the Senator. “As Republicans, we are serious about recruiting women and people to make the party look like America. Affirmative action is not fully qualified for past mistakes. It ’s about choosing people. ”

Graham’s comment came after Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker In a recent interview Biden’s nominated black female candidate said she would be a “beneficiary” of affirmative action on Saturday. Rebuke From the White House.

Graham praised Sunday in an interview J. Michelle ChildsA judge in the Federal District Court for South Carolina, who was appointed by Biden to the District Court of Appeals for the Circuit of the District of Columbia earlier this month and is now considered to replace Breyer.

“Michel Childs is incredibly qualified. If you choose her, there is no element of affirmative action,” he said.

He continued. “I can’t think of a better person for President Biden to consider the Supreme Court and then Michelle Childs. She has widespread support in our state. She is a fair and talented legal scholar. She is considered the most decent person I have ever met. It’s good to have someone in court who isn’t in Harvard or Yale. “

Graham also said there were other black women he believed were ready to serve in the High Court.

“President [Ronald] Reagan said he ran for public office, saying he wanted to put the first woman in court. “I’m going to choose an African-American woman to serve in the Supreme Court,” Joe Biden said, whether he liked it or not. It may go to court. “

White House Verified Last week, that Childs — praise South Carolina’s Democratic Floor Leader Jim Clyburn — was considering a seat.

Graham reiterated that Childes, who holds a master’s degree and a PhD in law from the University of South Carolina, has extensive expertise in labor and employment law and is suitable for court.

“I don’t see Michelle Childs as an act of affirmative action,” he said. “I see black women in court to make them look like America. In the history of our country, there are only five women and two African-American men. did not.”

Biden set By the end of February, he had announced his election and a Democrat in the Senate had been fishing in the Senate to expedite his nomination.

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