Lindsey Graham tells Trump during the summer that “you have raised the presidency,” the book claims. Trump hung up.


Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham

Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham Sole robe / AFP / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump’s Lawyer Worked to the end To overturn President Biden’s victory, and it was the day before Congress proved its results on January 6, to two Republican senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and Mike Lee (Utah). Included making a claim. dangerous, A new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Graham and Lee listened carefully to the pitches of Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, respectively, and continued their own investigation. And finally, the details of the book didn’t impress them at all.

On January 2nd, Giuliani introduced Graham to a computer expert. His statistical analysis showed that Biden was losing, with reports from Woodward and Costa. Graham said he needed “some names” and “evidence,” so Giuliani returned two days later with some notes and affidavits alleging fraud.

Graham sent Giuliani’s memo to his Supreme Judiciary Attorney, Lee Holmes. Writing for the second year of junior high school ” The author writes.. Graham reportedly counterattacked as a “third grader.” “Tomorrow you will receive an affidavit saying that the world is flat.”

Two days later, on January 6, a Trump-backed riot struck the Capitol.Graham after the riot Said to Trump from the Senate floor“Count me. Enough. I tried to help.” Graham said, “Since then, I have visited Mar-a-Lago’s Trump and talked to him regularly. “The Republicans tucked back, saying they needed him. Washington post Report.. “Still, he continues to criticize Trump directly. On a phone call this summer, he lamented Trump’s instability, focused on fraudulent elections, and told the former president.” Trump suddenly told him. Hang up. Graham’s spokesman declined directorRequest for comment.

Lee, CNN call “One of the Senate’s top Republican constitutional authorities” was similarly unimpressed by Eastman’s six plans for Vice President Mike Pence to hand over elections to Trump. “Lee’s head was spinning,” the author writes. “No such procedure existed in the Constitution, law, or past practice. Eastman apparently pulled it out of the thin air.” Eastman on January 6th, before the riot. Speaking at the rally, a week later, Chapman University in California announced his immediate retirement as a law can Read his pence memo via CNN..

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