Lindsey Graham, Trump’s top ally, praises Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Cinema for refusing to abolish filibuster.

Lindsey Graham peaceful transition

Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina. MANDELNGAN / AFP via Getty Images

  • Senator Lindsey Graham clearly praised the two Democratic Senators for refusing the party’s efforts to eliminate filibuster.

  • Graham supported the Republican Party’s successful efforts to eliminate filibuster to confirm candidates for the Supreme Court.

  • Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell urged caucuses to publicly praise the two Democrats.

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Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican in South Carolina, said two senators, Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, refused the party’s efforts to eliminate Senate obstruction. I clearly praised what I did.

The Chamber of Commerce’s filibuster required 60 votes to pass the bill, and both Democrats rejected pressure from their party and promised to work with the Republicans to uphold the rules.

“I would like to thank Senator Manchin and Senator Cinema for rejecting the idea of ​​changing filibuster,” Graham said. “I’m not asking them more than asking myself, so thank you for what they’re doing for the Senate and the country.”

But Graham, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, supported the Republican Party’s successful efforts. Eliminate filibuster Voting for Supreme Court candidates.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell urged his caucuses to publicly praise two Democrats, Politico. report last week. He was very pleased with his colleagues in a recent interview.

“What they have said very frankly is to protect the institution from pressure from their own party. I know what it looks like,” McConnell told Politico. “Every time I say no, and it’s great to have Democrats who respect the institution and don’t want to destroy the essence of the Senate.”

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