Line worker’s wife doing repairs after Hurricane Ian has a fight with Florida’s ‘bucket bunny’


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The line worker’s wives are pissing off the bucket bunnies. Yes, let me explain what that means.

Power line engineers, also known as line workers, traveled to Florida to restore power to affected areas. Hurricane Iansome TikTokers was happy With an influx of eligible bachelors wearing neon shirt and construction helmet on Tinder.

On the other hand, a woman whose husband is a line worker denounced those who showed interest in men on the app as “bucket bunnies.” Of course, this is related to a bucket truck where line workers stand to reach high voltage power lines safely and these single sexy bunnies are trying to seduce the line worker into cheating on her wife. means that

“I stand with all the wives of linemen preparing to fight Florida’s Bucket Bunnies” @ohhmtee, self-proclaimed “pipeline wifeshared in a slang-laden post that went viral tick tock When twitter“Blue collar is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”

TikToker @linewifejessica wrote in another post Position: “This life is not trendy and being a bucket bunny is not glamorous.”

Another declared that he wasn’t worried about his partner cheating because the consequences were clear.

“I’m sure I can speak for the majority of linewives.” @alabama.sisi Said on TikTok. “Men promise they fear the wrath of the old lady more than anything Hurricane Ian is hitting right now.”

Previously, line workers and people unfamiliar with bucket bunnies enjoyed the drama.

“A war I didn’t know is raging all around us,” said one murmuredTikToker said she “just watching chaos,” and others expressed more excitement.tea

However, the TikTok line worker’s wife isn’t just afraid of potential scammers now.There was also discussion of how it could help money The money earned from storm recovery work will be used for the family.other women are just going to go i miss my husbandEither way, for some, supporting a partner’s career and establishing an identity as a “line wife” is an important part of identity. goods.

“I can’t imagine there’s a large enough group of women to want a married repairman and make up an entire phrase about them,” said the user. murmured.

but contemptuous words There are women who pursue specific careers in a variety of ways, such as pipeline workers “loho”, motorcycle drivers “patch chasers” and police officers “badge bunnies”.

Tension Between ‘Line Wife’ and Bucket Bunny overlook The fact that the account was created by a line worker cheating on Tinder.but some have noticed that men are not responsible for anything.

Of course, most importantly, it has nothing to do with either party. ‘Most of us in Florida just want to turn it back on,’ says one TikToker commented.

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