LIV Golf shouldn’t wait any longer on the world rankings


In this controversial year of confusion and hyperbole, raw numbers suggest the world’s golf space is big enough to share.

Twelve of the world’s top 50 players on the PGA Tour competed in Las Vegas last week. LIV Golf had 12 of the world’s top 50 players playing in Bangkok.

The difference is that only one of those circuits was accredited by the official World Golf Rankings, apart from LIV Golf offering triple prize money.

need to change that. The question is how fast.

Saudi-funded LIV Golf CEO, Commissioner and Chief Evangelist Greg Norman applied to join the OWGR system in early July. This process has historically taken about a year, which is long even by golf standards.

Besides, there has never been a tour like LIV Golf in history.

Another ‘started with Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed and Cameron Smith, regardless of how it attracted many players with seemingly endless money from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth funds. Find the “Startup” tour. They have combined to win 11 majors in the last 10 years.

OWGR leadership would be foolish not to introduce LIV Golf into the ranking system and should make it a priority. Not just this year. He has only one event left this week in Saudi Arabia. And while LIV Golf isn’t your typical newcomer to World Golf, points aren’t retroactive. You don’t have to start now.

These guys knew what they were getting when they signed up: money. If they thought world ranking points could be earned easily or quickly, it’s because Norman told Sergio Garcia in his Feb. He said the PGA Tour can’t ban players “for life, let alone one day.” And text him the same mistaken idea that sent the message.

The PGA Tour suspension, which has been preliminarily corroborated by a federal court, is in its fourth month.

As much as Norman says he wants to be part of the golf ecosystem, LIV Golf doesn’t look like any other tour OWGR is trying to measure.

LIV Golf has a field of only 48 people, plays 54 holes without cuts, and finishes last place with $120,000 guaranteed (roughly equivalent to 18th place in Las Vegas). It doesn’t matter if there is a team element and it affects the performance of the players when they are not in contention. Other tours do not.

Bryson DeChambeau said last week, “We’ve hit all the marks by their standards, so it’s kind of crazy not to score points.” Surprisingly, or maybe not, LIV Golf is a hit No one disputed his statement because he missed more marks than .

All six major tours that are part of OWGR’s Technical Committee (which ultimately review LIV Golf applications) are primarily 72-hole events.

There’s room for a 54-hole event, but it’s usually for developmental tours like the Mena Tour, whose existence was largely unknown until last week. Even where his previous OWGR formula was used and such tours gave the winner a minimum of points (4), the minimum points were raised slightly for the 72-hole event.

Why it has to be 72 holes is another debate, but the British Open has been so since 1892 and the US Open since 1898.

However, it’s worth noting that since 1983, when the PGA Tour was able to set a perfect record, the leading 54-hole winning percentage has been 39%. The same percentage applies to measures as well.

Norman wouldn’t be surprised by that.

And the question becomes: Is it fair to treat LIV Golf the same way that OWGR measures it like all other tours with 72-hole events with mostly cuts? ?

This should take some time. It may not be a year, but it certainly won’t be overnight.

Norman isn’t doing himself a favor in his less clever attempt to speed up the process by working with Mena Tour (an acronym for Middle East and North Africa). He joined the OWGR family in 2016 as the Mena Tour is a development tour that includes a 54-hole event. Far down the ladder, major players now have access to the Asian Development Tour.

Norman updated players in August, arguing that OWGR without LIV Golf was inaccurate. He had players sign a letter to OWGR in September that points should be awarded retroactively to maintain credibility.

And in October, LIV Golfer became a full member of the Mena Tour. Norman figured he should get points for the world rankings soon. OWGR said a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

“If they keep it in check, they’ll just keep playing the waiting game.

That much is true. He could be just six LIV Golf players remaining in the top 50 by the end of the year, and that number will drop when his 14-event schedule opens in 2023. format (perhaps by introducing cuts).

Still, the new formula doesn’t lend itself to small fields. The PGA Tour not only has most of the top players, but it also has depth. LIV Golf players are still at a disadvantage when it comes to scoring world ranking points.

The only thing that grows fast is their bank account.


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