Live Results: Jon Fetterman Defeats Mehmet Oz: Pennsylvania Senate Election

2022 Election John Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania Senate


  • Democrat John Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz in a showdown for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

  • Fetterman is the state’s lieutenant governor, and Oz is a celebrity doctor and the first candidate.

  • Pennsylvania is a battleground state that Biden won by 1.2 points in 2020.

Democrat John Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

2022 general embedding

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate

Fetterman and Oz squared off to successfully retire Republican Senator Pat Toomey in a hotly contested race crucial to the fate of both parties in the United States Senate.

Fetterman has served as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania since 2018 and previously served as Mayor of Braddock, a borough in the western part of the state. A cardiothoracic surgeon, Oz rose to fame as a celebrity physician thanks to exposure from Oprah Winfrey and is best known for his work on television hosting ‘The Doctor Oz Show’.

Fetterman was a progressive, and his campaign centered around winning a credible 51st vote for Democratic priorities in the Senate.Like many Democrats running for office across the country, he strongly advocated for abortion rights It moved to federal law after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. He also supports changing current filibuster rules to facilitate passage of Democratic-led legislation and is a strong supporter of marijuana legalization. Pressing President Joe Biden to Decriminalize Marijuana.

Fetterman’s campaign also blasted Oz on social media for living in New Jersey for much of his adult life and career.

Oz, on the other hand, accused Fetterman of his policy positions and tried to link him to Biden’s low approval ratings.Oz, like many Republicans, focused his platform on issues such as the economy and crime. I was allowed to.

Fetterman’s health Selection subject focus lace candidate recovers From a stroke in May. The Oz campaign put pressure on Fetterman, who had difficulties with auditory processing. Publish more medical information about his condition.Freed Fetterman Recent doctor’s notes “The candidate is recovering well from his stroke and his health continues to improve,” he said.

Pennsylvania Voting History

Pennsylvania, a competitive state, favored former President Donald Trump by 1.2 percentage points in the 2016 presidential election before flipping to endorse Biden by 1.2 percentage points in the 2020 election.

In the Senate, 2018 was a wave of Democrats as incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey defeated Republican foe Lou Valletta by 13 percentage points. Meanwhile, Toomey defeated the last Democratic opponentKatie McGinty, just 1.5 percentage points in 2016.

money race

This race will undoubtedly be one of the most expensive mid-term races of 2022 in the country.

according to open secretAs of October 19, Fetterman had raised $56.7 million, spent $52.1 million, and had about $4.5 million in cash on hand. As of Oct. 19, Oz had raised his $40.4 million, spent $37.7 million, and had his $2.6 million in cash on hand. personal accountMost of the money his campaign raised was the s.

Meanwhile, super PACs, national party committees, politically active nonprofits, and other non-candidate groups spent more than $240 million As of November 7th, I have raced, including the primaries.

what the experts said

The race between Fetterman and Oz was rated a ‘toss up’ by internal election When Cook Political Report And “Tilting Democrat” Sabbath Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Political Center.

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