Live streamers banned from buffet in China become a hot topic on Weibo

Chinese influencers were banned from going to all-you-can-eat restaurants in China after allegedly eating too much food.

Overeating: Food live streamer identified as Mr. Kang, forbidden The Handy Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha, Hunan Province, reportedly ate too much of the restaurant’s offerings.

  • according to BBC newsMr. Kang first consumed more than £ 3 of pig’s trotter and the second visit consumed more than £ 7 of shrimp.

  • “I can eat a lot — is that a drawback?” He asked. The live streamer explained that he wouldn’t waste food. He also claimed that the owner of the buffet was “discriminating” against customers who eat a lot.

  • The restaurant owner said: [Mr. Kang] When I come here, I lose hundreds of yuan. Even if you drink soy milk, you can drink 20 to 30 bottles. When he eats pig’s trotter, he consumes the entire tray. And in the case of shrimp, people usually use tongs to pick them up and trays to pick them all up. “

  • Mr. Kang’s story became viral WeiboHas produced over 250 million views. Since the incident, the buffet owner has now banned influencers and live streamers from his restaurant.

China passes 2020 law Prevents people from over-ordering food at the restaurant or filming mukbang at the restaurant.President Xi Jinping said Food waste It was a “threatening food security threat to China” and a “disastrous” problem.

Featured image via China News Weekly

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