Live Update: China turns to Indo-Pacific when Russia attacks Ukraine: Australian intelligence boss

Update on the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, March 9th. Click here for the latest information from March 8th.

China turns to Indo-Pacific as Russia attacks Ukraine: Australian intelligence boss

Australia’s intelligence director said that since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “troublesome new strategic convergence” has progressed between Beijing and Moscow, increasing the risk of “major power conflicts.”

Director of National Intelligence Andrew Shearer said China’s President Xi Jinping appears to be planning to dominate the Indo-Pacific region and use it as a base to overtake the United States as the world’s leading nation. ..

The comments reinforce the warning that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the face of near-universal criticism by the West could spread to regional or global conflicts. This week, the Australian Prime Minister called on liberal democracy to stop the “arc of dictatorship” that will reshape the world.

At a conference hosted by the Australian Financial Review, Shearer said, “We will have to work harder to maintain the free quality of rule-based order in Europe and here in the Indo-Pacific region.” Said.

“We are seeing leaders who are really defeating and strengthening his country because of this struggle to overtake the United States as the world’s leading country,” he added, referring to Xi. rice field.

“Base camp is … to establish an advantage in the Indo-Pacific region.”


EU develops plans to reduce Russia’s dependence on gas

The European Commission announced on Tuesday plans to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russia’s gas by two-thirds this year and end its dependence on Russia’s fuel supply “well before 2030.”

European Union officials said they would do so by switching to alternative supplies under the plan and expanding clean energy more quickly. This is primarily the responsibility of the governments of each country.


Russia underestimates Ukraine’s resistance, U.S. officials say

The Biden administration’s supreme intelligence officials said on Tuesday that Russia underestimated the strength of Ukraine’s resistance before launching an invasion that could have caused thousands of Russian casualties. Believe.

The testimony was the first public assessment of the war two weeks ago by state officials who provided insights into the military thinking and motives of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a hearing at the House Intelligence Commission. Continue their march through Ukraine.

Officials say Russia’s attacks have been slowed down by unexpected resistance by Ukrainian defenders, and will Putin pursue a “maximum” strategy to occupy the entire Ukraine, or settle for something else? Revealed that it is unknown so far. In any case, they proceeded with his invasion despite efforts by Western nations to isolate the Kremlin, including increased casualties, global sanctions, and a US ban on Russia’s oil imports. He said he believed he was determined to let him.

“Putin feels resentful that the West has not given him proper obedience and recognizes that this is a war he cannot afford to lose,” said Director of National Intelligence Avril. Haines said. “But given the sheer costs he bears, what he may be willing to accept as a victory may change over time.”


McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coke and Pepsi stop selling in Russia

McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Starbucks stopped selling Russia’s most famous products on Tuesday.

All four companies have major businesses in Russia.

McDonald’s said it would pay 62,000 Russian employees for closing 847 restaurants.

Starbucks has temporarily closed hundreds of stores. PepsiCo Inc. will stop selling all advertising and beverage brands in Russia while continuing to sell essentials such as milk and baby food. Rival Coca-Cola Company said it would stop its business there.

Many other companies have also blamed Russia, and Inc. announced on Tuesday that it will stop accepting new customers for cloud services in Russia and Ukraine. Universal Music has ceased all operations in Russia and is an online dating service, Bumble Inc. Removes the app from stores in Russia and Belarus.


Pentagon says Poland’s offer to send fighters to Ukraine is unacceptable

The Pentagon will send fighters late March 8 after the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it will deploy the MiG-29 jet at the Ramstein Air Force Base of the German U.S. Air Force and make it freely available to the government. He said he could not support Poland’s offer. Of the United States. “

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the deployment of 28 MiG-29s would be immediate and free of charge. “At the same time, Poland is calling for the provision of used aircraft with operational capabilities for the United States,” he said in a statement.

The Polish government also called on other NATO member states that own MiG-29 planes to move the planes to the United States.

In a statement late March 8, Pentagon spokesman John F. Kirby said: It has been contested with Russia over Ukraine, raising serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance.

“It is simply not clear to us that it has a substantive rationale. We continue to work with Poland and other NATO allies on this issue and the difficult logistical challenges it poses. I will discuss it, but I do not believe that Poland’s proposal is supportive, “he said.


U.S. Secretary of Commerce warns Chinese companies not to help Russian skirt sanctions

On March 8, US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo keeps Chinese companies from violating trade sanctions against Russia by supplying chips and other supplies to the warring states needed to maintain the war effort with Ukraine. I frankly warned. Companies that do not comply with sanctions can be “essentially closed,” she said.

Lymond, interview Russia, along with the New York Times, said it would “surely open courts in other countries to circumvent our sanctions and export restrictions,” but urged companies not to cooperate with such workarounds. I issued an ultimatum.

The Secretary of Commerce emphasized that the Biden administration could easily shut down China’s largest chip maker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), and other companies that make technology available in Russia, meaning from the company’s own perspective. He added that there was no such thing. Ignore US sanctions.

“They have their own selfishness not to supply such things to Russia, so they are not doing it because of their goodness. China’s ability to produce these chips Will have a devastating blow, “Rymond said.

Mimi Nguyen-Ly, Michael Washburn, The Associated Press, and Reuters contributed to this report.

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