Live Update: Russia-Ukraine War (May 7)

The latest information on the crisis in Russia and Ukraine, May 7. Click here for the latest information from May 6th.

Missiles hit Ukraine’s coastal city of Odesa: regional administration

Several missiles attacked the port city of Odesa in southern Ukraine on Saturday, regional administration spokesman Serhiy Brattuk said in a television statement.

Mr Brachuk said strikes struck the city after targets in the surrounding Odesa area were attacked by four missiles earlier in the day.

He didn’t give any further details about the new strike, saying the facts are still established.

Reuters could not immediately confirm the details of the report.


Pro-Russian troops say more than 50 people evacuated from the besieged Ukrainian factory

Pro-Russian troops evacuate another 50 on Saturday from Mariupol’s besieged Azovstal ironworks, where dozens of civilians have been trapped for weeks alongside Ukrainian fighters trapped in Soviet-era factories. Said that he did.

The self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) territorial defense headquarters said in Telegram that a total of 176 civilians have now been evacuated from the steelworks.

Reuters could not confirm the report immediately.

About 50 civilians were moved from the vast bombed factory on Friday to the reception center in Vegimenne near the Separatist DPR. The army is fighting with the Russian army to expand control of most of eastern Ukraine. Dozens of civilians also evacuated last weekend.


Russia’s senior lawmakers say the United States is directly involved in the Ukrainian battle

Russia’s top lawmakers accused Washington of coordinating military operations in Ukraine on Saturday, and it was to direct US involvement in military action against Russia, he said.

“Washington is basically coordinating and developing military operations, thereby directly participating in military operations against our country,” Vyacheslav Volodin wrote in his telegram channel.

Members of the NATO alliance Washington and Europe across the Atlantic occupied parts of eastern and southern Ukraine, but heavy weapons on Kyiv to help resist a Russian attack that could not rob Kyiv. Was supplied.

However, the United States and its NATO allies have repeatedly stated that they will not participate in their own battles to avoid becoming a party to the conflict.

U.S. officials said the United States provided information to Ukraine to combat Russia’s assault, but denied that this information contained accurate target data.


Fiji Court rulings Russian yachts to stay in South Pacific countries for now

A Fijian court ruled that a $ 300 million yacht owned by Russian oligarch Suleyman Kerimov and confiscated by the United States must remain in Fiji for now.

The Fiji Court of Appeals ruled that the luxury yacht Amadea could not be moved from the South Pacific island nation until the appeal against the seizure was heard. on mail.

The US embassy in Suva did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the latest court ruling.

A Fiji court ruled that the United States could be confiscated weeks after the arrival of a Russian-owned superyacht, and was confiscated by local police and FBI agents on Thursday.

In response to the sanctions imposed on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin calls a special military operation, authorities from various countries seized luxury ships and villas owned by Russian billionaires. bottom.


Biden: The United States is sending an additional $ 150 million in aid

President Joe Biden on Friday approved sending an additional $ 150 million in military aid to Ukraine for shells and radar systems in the fight against Russian invaders.

Biden said recent spending meant “almost exhausted” what Congress approved for Ukraine in March, calling on lawmakers to swiftly approve over $ 33 billion in spending packages that last until the end of September. Said that.

“We are sending parliamentary-approved weapons and equipment directly to the forefront of freedom in Ukraine,” Biden said in a statement. “US support, along with the contributions of allies and partners, was important in helping Ukraine win the Battle of Kyiv and thwart Putin’s war goals in Ukraine.”

According to US officials, the latest support includes 25,000 155mm shells, counter-battery radar, jamming equipment, field equipment, and spare parts.


50 people evacuated from Mariupol’s steelworks

Fifty civilians were evacuated on Friday from the besieged Azovstal ironworks in Mariupol, Ukraine.

In a statement, the Russian Inter-Sectoral Humanitarian Center states that 50 civilians include 11 children.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Iryna Vereshchuk, also said that 50 civilians left the factory without revealing the breakdown of their children.

Both Bereshchuk and Russian agencies have said that civilian evacuation from Azovstal will continue on Saturday.

Ukrainian fighters trapped in a vast complex are making a last stand to prevent Moscow from completely taking over a strategic port city.


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