“Living people” from the shelter of the bombed Mariupol Theater: Ukrainian officials

According to Ukrainian officials, some of the hundreds of people evacuated to the Mariupol Theater, which said Ukraine was hit by a powerful Russian airstrike, are alive and rescued from the rubble.

Mariupol’s Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov said: BBC “Most” he estimated was that 1,000 to 1,200 people trying to evacuate the building survived.

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Serhiy Taruta quotes Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Said in a tweet Thursday, when a bomb shelter under the Mariupol Theater survived the bombardment, “people are coming alive while the rubble is being cleared.”

Posted by Mariupol City Council Photo Russian troops “intentionally and ironically destroyed the drama theater in the center of Mariupol,” telling social media about the destroyed building.

“The plane dropped a bomb on a building where hundreds of peaceful Mariupol residents were hiding,” the council said.

The Epoch Times evaluated the photo and confirmed that it was from a theater in the city, but Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba could not support other claims related to the case. Called “A terrifying war crime.”

“Now the building is completely destroyed. Russians would not have known that this was a private shelter. Save Mariupol! Stop Russian war criminals!” Cleva told Twitter. Posted.

Russian Embassy in the United States Rejected Bombard the theater and label it “Fake News”. It claimed that Ukrainian militants from the Azov Battalion held civilians there as hostages and “committed a bloody provocation by exploding mined cultural objects.”

Rescue workers continued to search for survivors in the theater rubble on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Satellite images of the theater, taken before the strike, show a large structure with a red roof and the Russian “children” in large white letters on the front and back tarmacs.

Mariupol has seen some of the most intense bombardments of the conflict and remains surrounded by Russian troops.

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Roman Hryshchuk quoted the Deputy Mayor of Mariupol As saying it 80-90% of the city has been destroyed and “no building is undamaged.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its 22nd day on Thursday, and British intelligence showed that Russian troops were largely stagnant in the firm resistance of Ukraine.

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