Living with Delta includes getting an annual booster shot: Australian Premier

As New South Wales (NSW) learns to live with COVID-19, health procedures will eventually become available through normalized processes such as annual booster shots, Prime Minister Gladys Beregikrian said. Stated.

“Living with a delta means social distance, a QR code, a vaccination passport, and also getting a booster or jab vaccination once a year,” Beregikrian said today. I told the media. “Most people get it through the workplace or GP in much the same way they get a flu shot.”

However, infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon of the Australian National University recently said there is evidence that booster shots are not yet needed in Australia.

Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and began offering booster shots to all citizens after health officials announced that Pfizer’s effectiveness against the CCP virus had declined six months later. I did.

Despite the high vaccination levels, the country is currently suffering from a new wave of infectious diseases and hospitalization. As a result, Sweden has banned all travelers from Israel.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Secure An additional 85 million Pfizer vaccines are sufficient to enable booster coverage throughout 2022.

New South Wales records 1,431 new cases and 12 deaths daily, and Beregikrian warned the public that numbers would continue to grow until October, which is expected to be the worst month for the state’s health system. ..

“That’s why, especially for the next two weeks, I’m just asking people … every time we leave home, we have to assume that we’re infected with the virus,” she said. “So, even with a mask, you need to have a good social distance.

Beregikrian said continuous blockades are unsustainable, so people need to learn to co-exist with the CCP virus and treat it like influenza.

Yesterday, Mr. Beregikrian said people need to confront the truth, point out the annual pre-pandemic flu deaths, and include COVID-19 deaths in the “outlook.”

“The sad reality is outside the pandemic. Influenza kills 600 to 800 people each year.” She said.. “Currently, 8 million citizens can’t choose when to leave home. It’s not a way to live.”

She also called for a gradual shift in focus from the number of daily cases to the number of people in intensive care units and vaccinations.

“September and October will be the most difficult as we go through the stages of dealing with additional ICU hospitalizations,” she said. “But we will also experience both exciting yet challenging open times.”

The New South Wales healthcare system is working to increase the number of beds in the ICU, including staff, to about 2,000, but Beregikrian said the system will expand as numbers peak in the coming weeks. I admitted that it will be done.

Next week, the Government of New South Wales will announce a detailed plan for a health care system to deal with stress.

Rebecca Chu