Liz Cheney, other Republicans brutally ravaged Lake Kari after Arizona’s defeat

donald trumpconspiracy theorist behind the scenes Kali Lake on monday night she lost her candidacy for governor In Arizona — and some members of her own party couldn’t be happier.

Lake frequently attacks other Republicans, and last month mockingly Thank you anti-Trump congressman. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) For endorsing Democratic rival Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbes.

On Monday, Cheney returned the favor to Lake after Race was called up to Hobbs.

Cheney was not alone.

Lake, a divisive figure in her party and state, told supporters of the late Senator John McCain, a popular Republican on both sides of the congressional aisle and throughout Arizona: .get out of hell

CNN’s Kyungh Lah reports:

Others on the right also joined the pileon to celebrate Lake’s loss.