Liz Cheney says Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t be a speaker in the Republican House because he’s ‘not entirely loyal to the Constitution’

Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney delivers a concession speech to supporters at a primary night event in Jackson, Wyoming, Aug. 16, 2022.Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Liz Cheney said in a recent ABC interview that Kevin McCarthy was “unfaithful to the Constitution.”

  • “I don’t think he should be Speaker of the House,” she said of his potential rise in the Republican House.

  • Cheney lost Tuesday to attorney Harriet Hageman in the Republican House primary in Wyoming.

In an interview aired on Friday, Rep. Liz Cheney lashed out at the possibility of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House if Republicans regained control of the House this November, accusing him of his claimed to have been unfaithful to the constitution.

in an interview ABC News correspondent Jonathan Carr with Cheney – on Tuesday he defeated In the Wyoming Republican House primary, lawyer Harriet Hageman said McCarthy “didn’t fully understand” the role of the Speaker after being asked if his rise to power would make the country better or worse. Stated.

“Well, my view on Kevin McCarthy is very clear. The Speaker of the House is second in line for president. “This week.” Cheney said of ABC’s California legislator.

“And I believe he should not be Speaker of the House because he has shown that he is not entirely loyal to the Constitution and does not fully understand the importance and importance of the role of the Speaker. And I think it’s very clear,” she added.

After breaking up with Trump over him debunked claims Regarding the 2020 election, along with his actions on January 6, 2021, Cheney impeached him for “inciting riots,” executive of nine other House Republicans who took that action. (Of the 10 House Republicans who have backed Trump’s second impeachment, only two will be elected to the House in 2023.)

Once the number three Republican in the House, Cheney saw his relationship with McCarthy sour after he continued to speak out against the former president. It was deleted From Leadership by the Republican Convention.

Cheney became the deputy chairman of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, angering most Republicans seeking to move forward overwhelmingly from the day’s events.

McCarthy continued to endorse Hageman in her now successful effort to defeat Cheney in the party primary.

While speaking with supporters on Tuesday, Cheney reiterated that she could be renominated this year, but Trump rejected the 2020 election results, overturning current President Joe Biden’s victory. I refused to heed his pressure to do so.

“It would have been necessary to enable his continued efforts to dismantle the democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic.

“There is no seat or office in this country more important than the principles we have all sworn to uphold, and I was well aware of the potential political consequences of following my duties.” she added.

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