Liz Cheney’s Trump Voting Encourages New Wyoming Condemnation Efforts


Casper, Wyoming (AP) — Some Republican officials in Wyoming have announced that they will not recognize Liz Cheney as a member after voting to impeach Donald Trump.

“In the immortal words of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump …” You have been fired! “Read a recent letter from Republican executives in Park and Carbon County to Chenie. ..

There are 23 predominantly rural counties in Wyoming, and Park and Carbon County officials voted in favor of the latest accusations against Chainy last week.

In February, the state Republicans overwhelmingly voted to blame Chainy in a vote impeaching Trump’s role in the January 6th US Capitol riot.

In May, Republican lawmakers in Washington, DC, took Chainy from the position of third-party leader of the House Republican Party after continuing to criticize Trump for unfounded allegations that he robbed him of his reelection in riots and fraudulent elections. I voted to remove it.

Wyoming votes are primarily symbolic. Republicans can withdraw or withhold support from GOP officers and candidates in a variety of ways, but no one can be expelled from the party.

Chainy described her vote to impeach and criticize Trump as prioritizing principles and the US Constitution over the former president.

“Liz keeps fighting for all the people in Wyoming.” Chainy spokesman Jeremy Adler told Casper Star Tribune. “She knows that she and all elected civil servants are bound by obligations under the US Constitution rather than blind loyalty to a man.”

Other Wyoming Republicans have requested a copy of Carbon County’s GOP resolution, and Carbon County Republican Chair Joey Colenti is likely to pass “at least three or four” soon. I predicted.

At least seven Republicans are opposed to Chainy in next year’s GOP primary. Mr. Trump said he plans to support one of Chainy’s enemies in the coming months.

Cheney Nevertheless, it reports record funding, So far, it far outperforms her competitors.