Liz Truss gets big support from Defense Minister in leadership race

Britain’s Conservative leader candidate Liz Truss has greatly boosted her campaign as Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Friday that he was a candidate to “do his best to defend the country.”

Wallace wrote, citing some of the previous roles of the truss. London Times To confront the challenges facing Britain, such as the “serious” economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, “rapid global inflation” and Russia, foreign secretaries “have the breadth and depth of experience needed. The invasion of Ukraine as the only candidate with both, and the fact that “many other state and non-state stakeholders are challenging our security, prosperity, and value.”

Both Snack and Truss studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University and have been responsible for one of the four great Departments of State. Truss is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Snack has been the Minister of Finance for the past two and a half years. Year.

Snack became Minister of Local Government in 2018, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson promoted him to the Treasury next year, where he was Chief Secretary and Prime Minister of the Treasury.

Since 2012, Truss has served as many ministers in several sectors, including the Minister of Education and Childcare. Secretary of environmental, food, and rural issues. Minister of Justice; Secretary of Finance; Minister of International Trade; and now Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Between the two candidates, Wallace argued that only Truss would know her way “around the International Community and the Treasury” from day one.

Epoch Times Photo
Defense Minister Ben Wallace is speaking to Ukrainian recruits trained by British personnel at a military base near Manchester on July 7, 2022. (Lewiswood / Sun via PA Media)

He also said that trusses are candidates for “understanding the world we live in” from a defense perspective.

Wallace told soldiers that “always had a straightforward relationship with defense and consistent support,” he said. “Updated integrated reviews, rethinked unit morphology, and increased defense spending.” “The plan” is welcomed.

His remarks were an integrated review by Defense Commission members on Thursday to address the capacity gap caused by reducing the size of military personnel by 9,500 and discontinuing equipment before the proposed tech. After asking you to revisit the plan set up in. Ready for technical replacement.

Wallace told him that the Treasury had increased his defense budget when Snack was Prime Minister, and Johnson told BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program.

“It was the Prime Minister’s decision that we got a multi-year reconciliation, we got it when we desperately needed it, and we got an extra £ 24 billion.” He said.

“And that investment I’ve been anxious for continues. I don’t want to be like the boom and bust that is common in defense, so I’m in big trouble.”

He also told LBC that the Treasury wanted a one-year reconciliation instead of a multi-year reconciliation, adding that “I think this is back in 2019,” Johnson said “effectively claiming his authority.” And surely, “said the defense for multiple years. Annual budget contract.

Wallace said UK defense spending is projected to be “below 2% of GDP in 2026.” [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s invasion. “

Wallace was asked how he plans to increase defense spending by up to 3% of GDP and pay for other spending she promised, and Truss will achieve an increase in defense spending by 2030. He told Sky News that he had promised. It rose in 2025, “she gave her time to deal with the current cost of living crisis.

Rishi Sunak Budget
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is standing in a budget box outside London’s 11 Downing Street before presenting his fall budget and spending review to Congress on October 27, 2021. (Leon Neil / Getty Images)

Wallace, along with former Health Minister Sajid Javid, who resigned earlier this month, also criticized the snack that caused the avalanche of the cabinet resignation that forced Johnson to resign as prime minister.

“I don’t think it’s the right thing to trigger ministers to leave in the event of a crisis. Wallace mentions another distrust resolution that was due to take place the following week and does what they wanted. There was another mechanism for it. “

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