Lloyds closes 44 more bank branches

Lloyds branch

Lloyds branch

The Lloyds Banking Group will blame the site for a shortage of customers and close an additional 44 branches as people move to digital banking.

This move is in addition to the previous announcement, which means that a total of 100 branches will be closed this year.

The Lloyds and Halifax branded branches in England and Wales are included in the latest closure program.

Unite unions have blamed the move, saying banks are “walking away from the community.”

“The decision to further erode our presence within our community is confusing,” said Karen Evans, State Officer of Unite.

“The closure of an additional 44 bank branches will deny a community of essential services such as cash and access to experienced and highly trained staff. Local ATMs will be transferred to staffed bank branches. It’s not a good alternative. “

According to the bank, one-third of the closed branches were in large towns and cities, with another branch nearby.

Its retail director, Vim Maru, said transactions at these branches have been fairly low over the last five years.

“Like many companies on High Street, branches need to be modified for a future where they are used differently and are visited less frequently,” he said.

Which branch will be closed?

The branch will be closed between September and November, leaving 29 Lloyds Bank and 15 Halifax branches.

The location of the Lloyd branch is: Bournemouth Westbourne, Cardiframney, Leeds Horseforce, Northwood, Stoney Stratford, Church Village, Morley, London Regent Street, Oakham, Brixham, Quinton, Mildenhall, Berkeley Square, Fabersham, Brighton Preston Circus, Ganzhill, Halstead , Holsworthy, Henley-on-Thames, Hendon, Kempston, Towcester, Kentish Town, Tadley, Bromborough, Cheltenham Bath Road, Haslemere, Newport Maindee, and Sedgley Dudley.

Halifax branches to close are Manchester Cross Street, Pavement West Ham, Cheshunt, Certsea, Fleet, Harpenden, Potters Bar, Kenilworth, Hinckley, Market Harbarrow, Upminster, Rougeley, Cheshunt, Pinner, Chesterfield Central It’s a payment.

After closure, the group will have 779 Lloyds Bank branches, 560 Halifax branches, and 184 Bank of Scotland branches.

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