Lobby group says EU will suspend planned tariffs on aluminum in China


Brussels — The European Union imposes obligations on aluminum from China in October, but is set to suspend them for only nine months, the EU Industry Association said Wednesday, which threatened work and He added that he would send the wrong signal to Beijing.

The European Commission began investigating aluminum flat-rolled products used in various fields from construction to transportation and durable consumer goods in August 2020, and set a provisional tariff of 19.3% to 46.7% in April 2021. Did.

The ultimate obligation, which is likely to be between 14 and 25 percent, usually applies for 5 years from October. However, after complaints from two aluminum users and importers, they will be suspended for nine months, European aluminum said.

The European Commission said the investigation is still underway and decisive action, if any, needs to be taken by October 11. He added that he was in consultation with EU member states and was requested to suspend it and is considering it.

No final decision was made, it said.

In a statement, European Aluminum Director Gerd Goetz said the development had sent a shock wave to aluminum and other industrial sectors.

“How can European industry trust urgent trade enforcement measures if the high-carbon dumped Chinese litter gates remain very open?” He said.

The European Commission suspended tariffs on only a handful of opportunities in 2009 in connection with the shipment of chemical glyphosate from China.

The new suspension request showed market conditions that have changed since the first complaint was filed in mid-2020.

As with many commodities, the price of aluminum rose as the economy recovered. European Aluminum states that the EU’s capacity is sufficient to supply the market and the sector’s rate of return is tight.

Philip Brenkinsop