Local high school coach and teacher died of COVID-19 complications

Drayer High School has lost members of its academic and athletic community, officials said Monday.

Damian Jackson, who taught junior and senior level math, coached women’s athletic teams, and was the attack coordinator for the soccer team, died after being hospitalized for COVID-19 complications, Kevin Hasinger said. Said in the message to.

“The positive attitude and love for Drayer will be severely lost,” Hassinger said.

“Jackson’s death is a shock to everyone, but young people react in different ways to the death of one of their teachers,” Hasinger said. “We expect to have different emotions and reactions to what has happened. The most important thing we can do is to encourage supportive and open expression of emotions. . “

Hasinger said the Richland 1 school district sent a “crisis team” to the school to help teachers suffering from the death of a colleague.

Jackson used to work for AC Flora, but came to Drayer in 2010.

Jackson was a popular figure in the Drayer and Colombian sports communities. The Dreher Athletics Club posted a message about Jackson’s death. Dreher’s women’s soccer team has announced that they will pay tribute to Jackson for their match against AC Flora on Monday.

“Words can’t describe our broken heart,” Dreher High Athletics tweeted Monday afternoon. “Pray for his family in this difficult time.”

Locals such as AC Flora’s head football coach Dustin Curtis and adjacent Richland 2 coach Baron Davis have sought support on social media.

“”@ACFloraFootball I have Dreher in my heart today. Jackson will be absent, “Curtis tweeted.

“”@RichlandTwo The family maintains the Jackson family, @DreherHigh And @RichlandOne “Family in our thoughts and prayers,” Davis tweeted.