Lockdown “Maybe popular, but it’s not right”: NSW Premier

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott has said he will keep the state open during the outbreak of Omicron, despite criticism that his government’s position will not be able to secure seats in Liberal elections. Stick to the decision.

It appears that liberals will lose Strathfield’s Sydney and Vega’s South Coast seats to Labor on “Super Saturday,” the weekend of four by-elections in New South Wales.

Mr Perotet said the government would reflect “totally some disappointing consequences” and learn from it, but argued that his approach to COVID-19 restrictions would remain unchanged.

“It may be popular to get into the blockade, but it’s not right,” he told Strathfield liberal supporters on Saturday.

“We need to keep our business open. We need to keep people working.”

On Sunday, he added, “although there are certainly lessons learned from Vega’s” particularly disappointing “results, by-elections are notorious for the government.”

If the coalition government actually loses Vega and Strathfield, it will have to be pushed further into the minority and rely more heavily on the votes of independent or minority parliamentarians. But Mr Perotet said the outlook wasn’t worried about him, and the Liberal Party “certainly doesn’t do anything” with lawmakers from other parties.

“For the past three years we have been in a minority government situation,” he told Sydney Radio 2GB on Monday.

“I’m not interested in doing business. I’m interested in solving problems and working with Crossbench, which has legitimate policy areas that we can work on.”

Official results will be postponed until March 11th, with approximately 38% of votes being counted in Vega, Monaro, Strathfield and Willoughby before Saturday’s vote.

The Strathfield seat is expected to be claimed by Jason Yatsenley, who led the Liberal Party candidate Bridget Sakul from 42.54 percent to 37.37 percent as of February 14. In the next state vote.

Meanwhile, Labor candidate Michael Holland appears ready to win Vega, which has been retired from liberal member Andrew Constance since 2003.

After the historic wildfire of 2019-20, many communities in Vega “feel abandoned,” Perotet said.

“I think there’s more work to do there,” said NSW Premier.

However, liberal Tim James is expected to retain the seat of former Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian’s Willoughby, despite an initial count of 18% away from the government, with independent Larissa Penn from 43.48%. It led to 32.18%.

The workers did not object to Willoughby.

Nina Nguyen


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