Logitech launches ultra-lightweight wireless gaming headset G435 weighing only 165g


Logitech G435

Logitech G435

When Logitech launched the G733 gaming headset before, it was already focusing on its light weight of 278g, and it was hard to feel its presence on the head. Unexpectedly, after a year of hard work, Logitech has once again greatly refreshed the weight of its gaming headset, pushing the G435 to 165g. Although the weight has dropped again, it does not seem to have made any sacrifices from the specifications. In addition to carrying low-latency Lightspeed wireless technology and Bluetooth at the same time, it also claims to have up to 18 hours of battery life, playing three times a day. It’s enough to charge it once a week for hours.

The G435 uses a 40mm single unit, and the microphone part uses “beamforming” radio. The noise is eliminated by the time difference between the two microphones. This allows the G435 to eliminate the use of a microphone boom and reduce weight. In terms of appearance, G435 strives to be simple. Due to its light weight, it can abandon a lot of extra support. Logitech introduced it is an optimized design for users with smaller heads. As much as 22% of its body is made of recycled plastic, which is stylish and environmentally friendly.

G435 comes in three colors, namely black/neon yellow, blue/raspberry, and beige/lilac. The price is 549 yuan.