London Police “acted properly” at Sarah Everd Vigil: Watchdog

London police acted properly at a rally in memory of Sarah Evalard earlier this month, an independent observer said Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Police Department opposed the government’s CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus regulation after clashing with protesters gathered at the memorial to a woman killed at Clapham Common in London on March 13 and confronting it. Called public criticism.

However, His Majesty’s Police Inspection Office and Fire Rescue Service (HMICFRS), The independent guard dog said Met was vigilant and “acted properly.”

“The officers are our fellow citizens and are invested by the community to keep it safe,” said Sir Thomas Windsor, Chief Inspector of His Majesty’s Consulate.

“They rely on and have the right to public support when acting legally, sensitively and proportionally. In this case, they face serious provocations and in very difficult situations. Did exactly that. “

His Majesty’s police inspector, Matt Parr, who led the inspection team, criticized the “lack of respect” shown by those who “unjustified” the police’s actions.

“The accusations of Met’s actions within just a few hours of vigilance show a lack of respect for civil servants facing unjustified and complex situations, including those from responsible people, and are very much. Has undermined public confidence in the police based on limited evidence.

“After looking at a huge amount of evidence rather than social media snapshots, we found that there were some things Met could do better, but police officers acted in a proportional way as measured in the challenge. There was nothing to suggest that I did. “

Sarah Evalard
Sarah Evalard wore the coat she wore on the night she went missing. (Metropolitan Police Department)

Evalard, 33, disappeared on his way home on March 3 near Clapham Common in London at around 9 pm. Her body was found a week later in a forest area outside London. Wayne Kusens, 48, of the Metropolitan Police Department, was charged with kidnapping and murdering Everlard.

At the rally on March 13, many people gathered, contrary to COVID-19 rules and police warnings. A clash occurred when police officers tried to disperse the crowd. Video footage showed the brawl and some women being driven to the ground.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Said The scene was “unacceptable” and police action was “neither appropriate nor proportional.”

Interior Minister Priti Patel said some footage was “upset,” and Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “deeply concerned.”

Lily Zhou contributed to this report.

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