London taxi company Addison Lee will fully use electricity by 2023


The cab company Addison Lee has promised to drive only electric vehicles from 2023.

The London company said it has invested £ 160m ($ 219m) to shift its 4,000 powerful fleet to electricity.

This includes placing 200 Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles on the capital roads each month starting in November.

According to Addison Lee, the initiative is the largest single order for electric vehicles manufactured by the UK private employment industry.

Liam Griffin, CEO of the company, said:

“For many years, we have invested in vehicles and technology to ensure that we can do everything we can to make London a more environmentally friendly place.

“We are now taking it even further by partnering with Volkswagen to invest in the rapid transition to electricity.

“By doing so, more companies can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and enable passengers to take advantage of safe, premium transportation options that are environmentally friendly when their lives return to normal. “

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said:

“The government has promised to reach net zero by 2050. Currently, there are more than 500,000 electric vehicles on the road, nearly 25,000 utility toll stations, and a clean community. It’s the beginning of an electric vehicle revolution that helps build. As it supports thousands of jobs in the supply chain over the next few decades. “

Another private-sector employment company, Uber, aims to make all London cars fully electric by 2025.

Neil Lancefield