Long-term increasing demand for office space: Credit Suisse


According to a study by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, the demand for office space will increase in the long run as the trend towards digitization offsets the pandemic impact of those who work at home.

According to an analysis of the Swiss office building market, supply exceeded demand during the coronavirus pandemic. The tendency to work from home “is likely to cast a shadow over the office real estate market over the next few quarters,” he said.

However, he said the outlook is brighter in the long run, based on a study commissioned by the Swiss government on what is likely to happen by 2060.

According to the survey, the average percentage of workers in office-based activities in Switzerland will rise from 34% to 45% between 2000 and 2019 and should reach 60% by 2060.

“Over time, this effect should offset the decline in demand from telecommuting and significantly increase demand for office space in the long run,” he said.