Lori Harvey achieves body goals during the holidays

Lori Harvey Offering a vacation look in the Bahamas, as always, fans eat it one at a time.

On Saturday, the model wore a colorful pink swimsuit and an oversized pink button-down shirt and shared some of her photos and videos on the beach. She looked great with body jewelery and a cowboy hat. Fans flooded the comments section with heart-shaped eyes and fire emoji.

dLori Harvey achieves physical goals during the holidays. Photo: @loriharvey / instagram

dLori Harvey achieves physical goals during the holidays. Photo: @loriharvey / instagram

Elsewhere, fans were obsessed with Lori’s perfect physique, including the user who wrote “Body ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody”. Another person commented. Post a regular pwease! “Two-piece swimwear games are different for you,” wrote a third party. “A woman who looks exquisite like @ loriharvey # letsgo is not alive.”

Some trolls, including one critic who wrote that “the work of the nose did everything for you,” tried to speculate that she might have done some work on her nose, Hollywood socialists quickly stopped the noise. It’s a nose job, but I thank the girl. “

Back in November, I also had to model Shut down BBL rumors After a TikTok video suggests she has completed the procedure.

“I don’t believe in tiktok video. I didn’t get the bbl or s curve idk, everything got that information, but that’s not correct,” Harvey commented.

As mentioned earlier, Lori is currently on a Caribbean island helping her stepfather celebrate her 65th birthday. Steve HarveyBirthday post Derailment earlier this week After sharing a photo of a German chocolate cake topped with half of the pecan nuts Steve received on a special occasion.

Fans teased the host of “Family Feud” and noted that his cake choices were very telling of his age. I never expected to see a cake that boldly said “in the 1960s and blacks,” one person joked on Twitter.

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