Los Angeles Anti-Vaxx rally ends with a violent brawl after a man is stabbed




An anti-vaccine rally in downtown Los Angeles rushed into a street battle Saturday afternoon, with a protester bleeding to the ground with a stab wound and a journalist submitting a police report on suspicion of assault.

Organizers held a demonstration condemning the obligations of coronavirus masks, such as those held in Los Angeles County last month, and vaccination requirements such as regulations to enter many facilities in San Francisco were enacted this week. Earlier this week, the Los Angeles City Council voted to instruct city lawyers to draft legislation that would pave the way for bars, restaurants, cinemas, and gyms, subject to vaccination status, under the leadership of San Francisco.

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Protesters in favor of the vaccine protested in front of the city hall, with many wearing masks and all-black clothing. Shortly after 2:30 pm, tensions arose, with members of the anti-Baxer group hitting protesters against the opposition, and one was stabbed in the turmoil. Police were seen providing first aid, and paramedics took the man to the hospital. It was not immediately clear what caused the fight, but the mask opposition crowd claimed that the injured demonstrator belonged to them. The conflict between vaccination opponents and the pre-vaccination crowd reportedly included threats of mace and murder.

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In another case, local agency KPCC reporter Frank Stolze filed a police report alleging that anti-vaccine protesters attacked him during his interview. Protesters against Mask reportedly rushed him out of the city hall, yelling at him and kicking him.

Overall, hundreds of people gathered for the rally, LA Times.. Times It was estimated that hundreds of anti-vaccine supporters were on the other side of dozens of pro-vaccine protesters.

Los Angeles Police Department captain Stacy Spell said in a statement Times, “After a battle broke out between Antifa and those who gathered for a permitted event, we are on the scene to maintain order. A man who was stabbed and treated by fire department personnel We know there is one, although no arrests have been made [the] Investigation is ongoing. “

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Earlier this year, anti-vaccine protesters temporarily closed the Dodgers Stadium vaccination site and struck the gate with signs of protest.

Public health experts at all levels across the country and government have repeatedly said that vaccination is the best way to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Although most of the US population is fully vaccinated, vaccination rates have declined in the summer months, leaving pockets for unvaccinated people.

Currently, incidents are increasing rapidly nationwide, concentrating on non-immune offshore areas such as Florida and Mississippi. The resulting explosion of the incident produced what CDC director Rochelle Walensky called an “unvaccinated pandemic.”

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