Los Angeles bank executive’s family beaten to death, demanding more serious accusations from Progressive DA

Discovered Bank of America executive loved ones Be beaten and die Inside her house, she is urging her suspected murderer to be prosecuted for special circumstances. Los Angeles The county’s chief prosecutor faces criticisms and recall efforts against his progressive policies.

Michelle AvantThe 48-year-old was recently promoted to senior vice president when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend colleague Anthony Turner, officials said. She was found at her home in the Reseda district of Los Angeles on August 5, 2021.

Avan’s loved ones are dissatisfied with the district attorney George GasconThe office, which did not file a special accusation against Turner, said he could be released on parole 10 years later if convicted.

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“He is qualified for everything the murderer should not be qualified,” Avant’s brother Patrick Miller told Fox News.

Turner has been charged with murder and one robbery. He was released on the day of bond after his arrest. Fox News has contacted the Gascon office.

Avant’s loved ones will hold a rally in front of DA’s office on Thursday to pressure him to make stronger accusations.

According to officials, Turner entered Avant’s house on August 3 and killed her before leaving the next day. Her body was discovered by her son Trebon Avant.

Since taking office in December 2020, Gascon has controversial directives such as not seeking detention of some criminal suspects, refusing to prosecute certain crimes, and not seeking to strengthen judgments on other crimes. Faces criticism about.

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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon faces a second recall attempt amid growing criticism of his progressive policies. Los Angeles Times via Irrfan Khan / Getty Images

Opponents are in the midst of a second recall effort against progressive prosecutors who are striving to rethink how crimes are treated. CaliforniaThe most populous counties in the country are angry with fellow district attorneys, law enforcement officers, and strong supporters of crime.

Previous recall efforts did not get sufficient signatures from registered voters.Recall supporters said crime Although it has risen since Gascon took office, crime began to increase in the months before he was elected and in other cities across the country.

One criticism that they all express is the original San Francisco The Los Angeles Police Department District Attorney and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary has abandoned the victims of the crime to protect the rights of the criminals.

Desiree Andrade, whose son Julian was murdered in 2018, is part of a committee leading the recall effort against him.

“In the case of my son, they were all faced with special circumstances … and they were rejected. They were all faced with the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole, and now they are released on parole. We are facing 25 years of potential, “she told Fox News. “For me, it’s a slap, so you can see how the Avant family is upset about this. No more results.”

Some of Gascon’s own prosecutors are also openly opposed to his policy.

“George Gascon says’facts are important’, they do,” Jonathan Hatami tweeted Monday. “Murder and shooting are at their highest levels in Los Angeles for the first time in 15 years. With $ 0 bonds, we release criminals, fund police, refuse to prosecute crimes, come up with comprehensive policies and give people Not taking responsibility does not lead to reform, it only leads to violence. “

The Avant family wants prosecutors to impose the most serious crimes in Turner’s case, but they are not optimistic.

“I don’t think his policy is for those who have been voted to serve,” Miller added, adding that he believes Gascon’s directive is politically driven. “We expect justice when something happens. He puts you in a position to pretend that justice is not the norm.”