Los Angeles Chinatown restaurant seeks help after being charged $13,000 for gas


A restaurant in Los Angeles’ Chinatown seeks help after receiving more than $13,000 in gas bills.

in an interview with NBC4Judy Chen, owner of Hop Woo BBQ and Seafood Restaurant at 845 N Broadway, said the latest SoCalGas bill may force her family business to close.

According to Chen, the restaurant has been in business for over 30 years. After her husband recently passed away, Chen runs the restaurant alone.

She pointed out that their typical gas bill is between $5,000 and $6,000.

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Chen’s daughter, Mary, reportedly posted a photo of her restaurant gas bill on social media, asking friends and family for help. I hope for your support.

Last month, SoCal Gas reportedly warned consumers that “January bills are likely to be alarmingly high” due to “unprecedented cold weather nationwide.”

Gas companies blame the price hike Volatile wholesale market Consumers across the state are seeing a significant increase in their monthly gas bills.

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A utility company shared a program to help customers struggling with high bills.

The program applies to customers based on income and household size, and offers the option to receive a one-time subsidy (applicable only to bills up to $100) or 20% of the amount billed . Turn off monthly billing.

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