Losing Mayor in Hispanic-rich Texas City Sounds Democratic Warning

Republicans won the mayoral elections at the Hispanic Democratic fortress in South Texas, sounding celebrations from Republicans across the country and warnings from some Democrats.

Important reason: Javier Villalovos’ victory on Saturday in McAllen, Texas, which is dominated by Mexican-Americans, is due to some Latino Democrats denting the once deep blue region of the Republicans. Said to ignore Mexican-Americans in Texas, New Mexico, and California.

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Leading the news: Villalovos, a lawyer and former chairman of the Hidalgo County GOP, defeated Veronica Whitaker by about 200 votes in a Democratic-dominated independent election.

  • His victory was praised by former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Steve Cortez, “Amazing news! McAllen, Texas is a major border town with a population of 140,000. 85% Hispanic, just Republican. Has just been elected mayor of Texas. “

  • Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott joined the conservatives on social media, congratulating Villalovos and saying Hispanic voters are populist and open to the Republican message.

Bilingual Villa Lobos ran Economic improvement Nearly a quarter of its inhabitants live in poverty, but in one of the safest communities in the country, the border town. FBI crime statistics Performance.

  • “South Texas is very conservative and Hispanics have always voted for the Democratic Party because our parents and grandparents are against tradition,” Villalovos told Axios.

  • “Hopefully they have their eyes open. The competition is good.”

Line spacing: Former President Trump According to the report, the rhetoric about immigrants has made a profit in the Hispanics of South Texas by shifting to the horrors surrounding the economic consequences of the COVID-19 shutdown. Preliminary survey results By research company Equis Reviewed by Axios.

What they are saying: Sist Abeyta, a political consultant for the Democratic Party of New Mexico, said that over the past few years, the Democratic Party has been involved in or invested in parts of the Hispanic region that have historically voted blue, with low turnout. Said not.

  • “Democrats need to change the story and start talking about work,” Aveta said. “They need to invest and get involved, and don’t take these districts for granted. These voters are now out of control.”

  • Texas Democratic operative Sawyer Hackett said McAllen’s campaign should “wake up many Democrats” prior to the 2022 parliamentary midterm elections.

  • “RGV (Rio Grande Valley) worked hard for Bernie (Sanders) during the (2020) Democratic primary, so voters there respond to economic messages. They simply get involved. I haven’t. “

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