Loudonteen is guilty of assaulting a girl in a school bathroom and does not need to be registered as a sex offender

A teenager convicted of committing multiple sexual assaults at multiple schools in Loudoun County, Virginia, was registered as a sex offender after Judge Pamela Brooks overturned a previous ruling on Friday. is not necesary to. A 15-year-old teenager is on probation at a juvenile training school until his 18th birthday.

He was found guilty of multiple counts earlier this month when Brooks first sentenced him to both probation and sex offender registration spots. His lawyer claims he has been unfairly punished as a result of “national media protests.”

The case was first reported Daily wire, And became the focus of the Virginia Governor’s campaign last fall. One of the victims’ parents claimed that the Loudoun County Board of Education and the administration concealed the first assault of a teenager. After that incident, the criminal was transferred to another school, where a second incident occurred.

His lawyer claimed that the teenager was “fooled” by a “system failure” and suggested that placement in the sex offender registration would interfere with his rehabilitation.

Judge Brooks said, “This court made a mistake in my first decision. The court isn’t as wasteful as I think it’s perfect, but I want to get it right,” said a man up to 27 years old. It cites data showing the continued development of the brain.

Buta Biberazi, a federal lawyer for Loudoun County, claimed to be on the register to protect the community and acknowledged that it could undermine future prospects.

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