Louisiana police chief pulled for speeding, video show

State soldiers pulled their boss for speeding across a bridge on Louisiana’s Interstate Highway 10, officials said.

But he didn’t give him a ticket.

“Well, I’ll be,” you can hear the soldiers saying in a body camera footage provided by Louisiana police.

According to Louisiana police spokesman Nick Manale, state police overseer Colonel Lamar Davis was suspended on June 28 due to a “traffic violation.”

“The trooper used his discretion and did not issue a quote,” Manale wrote in an email.

Davis was caught Speed ​​violation Achafaraya Basin Bridge — 18.1 miles long — about 40 miles west of Baton Rouge. He told WAFB, “I was just wrong in that situation.”

The Dashcam video shows a trooper approaching Davis’ vehicle, an unmarked black SUV, and talking to Davis before waving and leaving.

“Me Take full responsibility“Davis told WBRZ. “I try to overdo it in a day. I need to practice what I preach and I don’t want to put anyone in a position to stop me or other soldiers.”

According to MO police, a 13-year-old driver charged after the accident killed a 9-year-old cousin and two teenagers.

According to a Pennsylvania judge, the mother, who was accused of blinking prisoners while her children were playing, is facing prison time.

According to Nevada officials, the man was found living in a children’s museum with a stockpile of weapons.