Louisiana police officer died of COVID-19 one day before wedding


DeMarcus Cousins ​​was a veteran and local sports coach

A Louisiana family was lost due to the death of a loved one, and the fiancé was left to pick up a piece after losing her love for life one day before the scheduled wedding. ..

People magazine Reported by Lieutenant Baker Police Demarcus Dan He died on August 13 after the battle with the coronavirus.The community learned that he died after his cousin, Baker Police Chief. Karl Dan Notified everyone via an emotional Facebook post.

“We lost a teddy bear, Ensign Demarcus Dan“Karl wrote partially. “To me, he was just a big teddy bear, full of love for everyone he met … I must thank our God for blessing us at DeMarcus. “

In an interview with ABC news, Karl said his 36-year-old cousin died just one day before his wedding. The couple were originally scheduled to marry in July 2020, but like millions of other couples, they were forced to postpone an important day due to a pandemic.

“She got lost without him,” Karl told the outlet. He also revealed that his three fathers, DeMarcus, had not been vaccinated.His death occurs during a campaign to increase vaccination rates as the Delta variant spreads across the United States.

Demarcus Dan (Facebook)

Demarcus Dan (Facebook)

“It was anxious to me that he didn’t receive it. [the vaccine] And I wasn’t sure he didn’t get it until it was all over, “Carl explained.

DeMarcus told Karl that he tested positive for the virus on July 29. His symptoms included headache, cough, and dyspnea. Despite his symptoms, Karl says he talks to DeMarcus every day and he was fine about his condition.

“Even on the day he put on the ventilator, I talked to him that morning, and he told me he wasn’t feeling sick,” Karl said. It is unknown why DeMarcus did not vaccinate. Karl also said that vaccination was not a requirement of the local police station.

DeMarcus’ condition worsened on August 10 while he was still on ventilator. Unfortunately, he died three days later.

“I know he was a fighter and had a strong will,” Karl said of DeMarcus. “I kept telling myself that he would do it, and I kept assuring my family that I knew he would do it.”

Outside of his family and fellow executives, DeMarcus will be missed by his close community. He was an Air Force veteran and a local sports coach. According to Karl, DeMarcus coached three teams: Pee Wee Football, Pee Wee Basketball, and Little League Baseball. He says DeMarcus had a positive impact on the people he came in contact with.

In a tribute to DeMarcus on Facebook, Karl said he asked DeMarcus how he found time to coach.

“He replied by letting me know that he lost his father while he was a toddler and the only dad he knew was a coach,” Karl wrote. “He went on to let me know that the coach really changed his predictions of life, and he wanted to do the same for the other kids. I was very impressed.”

In a statement ABC news, Mayor, Darnell waits “My heart has been heavy since I learned of DeMarcus Cousins’ death. He was a father, husband, soldier, mentor, friend, and veteran Baker police officer and was loved by everyone. His life devoted to serving others was a brilliant example for our community. “

DeMarcus’ funeral was held in Baker on Friday, August 20th. Police led the procession from the funeral to the graveyard, where DeMarcus rested.

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