“Love for each other.” A friend mourned his Texas brother, and his sister was killed in a backhoe case.

The northern Texas community has been around the family for over a week after losing their daughter and son. Accident involving a backhoe, And the father who was operating the machine was charged with their death.

7-year-old daughter Sonakshi Chauhan and 11-year-old son Sibraj Chauhan “Love for each other” It was “unlike the duo of other brothers and sisters,” a family friend and religious acquaintance wrote on the GoFundMe page, which honors two young children. Sonakushi is described on this page as a playful and compassionate person who was also an elegant dancer. Known to many as Raj, Shivraj is said to be wonderful, outgoing and compassionate.

He also devoted himself to spending Sunday in Mandir. Rajput Temple, The organizer listed on the page.He claps his hand Tabla During religious service.

Rajput Group of peopleWith members from all over the world, their pedigree dates back to certain royal families in India.

As of Tuesday, GoFundMe raised more than $ 48,500 to support a family of two children and fund a grief counseling service.This page is with family friends Rajput Association in Southwestern North America..

“Our heart is completely broken and the pain is overwhelming,” the organizer wrote on the page.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is investigating the April 3 incident. The agency spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for the latest information on Tuesday’s investigation.

According to DPS, the father of two children, Vijender Chauhan, was arrested on charges of manslaughter, three endangering the child, and one highly deadly assault.

The incident occurred around 7:30 pm at 1600 blocks of Chapel Hill Court near Roanoke. According to DPS, multiple adults and children were riding on various moving parts of the backhoe when Vigendel Chauhan dumped the front bucket and sent the people inside to the ground. Sonakushi and Shibraji went out of control, officials said. They died on the scene.

Two other children were injured and taken to a trauma center for treatment, according to DPS. An adult was also injured and was taken to a trauma center.

According to an email from Fort Worth K-12 Private School sent to their parents, Sibrazi and Sonakshi were students of the Trinity Valley School. Principal Blair Laurie writes, “It’s hard to find words that describe the sadness of all of us for losing young students.”

Raleigh said in an email that school students are now available for counseling.