Loved ones mourn five young people killed in South Florida wrong-way crash

Thousands have gathered online to mourn the five young people who died in a tragic wrong-way accident. Love, support, and personal stories abound, highlighting just how many lives they touched in their South Florida community.

Early Saturday morning, Florida Highway Patrol said Mikey Simeon was driving in the wrong direction when he was hit by another vehicle, injuring four women and one man. According to court records, the 30-year-old man has a problematic driving record.

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The victims’ names have not yet been released, but FHP Lieutenant Alejandro Camacho said they were between 18 and 25 years old.

Family and friends identified the five as Valeria Cáceres, Valeria Peña, Daniella Marcano, Briana Pacalagua and Giancarlo Arias through social media posts and GoFundMe campaigns.

As of Sunday night, four GoFundMe fundraisers had raised over $33,000 in total. The Miami Herald was unable to find Arias’ GoFundMe fundraiser.

Their loss has spawned countless comments, stories, photos and videos on social media, giving us a glimpse of the impact they have had on the community.

Lesly Mejas was one of many who wrote a heartfelt farewell about the group. Thousands of people flocked to her message to express her condolences and share personal memories about the young adult.

Today, the five lives are no longer part of this earthly world, and the five lives of today, full of dreams, goals and purposes, are no longer part of us,” she wrote in Spanish.It is so painful to know that young and talented people will never achieve what they dreamed of one day, but to know that family, friends and their loved ones must go through immeasurable pain. That’s even harder for me. ”

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Below are small windows into the lives of five young people as documented by family and friends.

Daniela Marcano

Daniela Marcano always had a smile, even in hard times, her friend Mariana Leib wrote on GoFundMe.

“Dani was lovely, wonderful, precious, happy and the sweetest person ever,” she said.

Rave, who turned 19 just a few weeks ago, says Marcano had many goals and dreams that he could no longer achieve.

“We all have many good memories with her and we will cherish those moments as much as we do today.

Marcano’s friend Gretchen wrote a heartfelt message about the memories he shared with her on Instagram, along with a compilation of videos and photos of the two and other friends.

“I wish I could have given you one last hug (your hug was always the most sincere and genuine), I wish I could have had one last conversation with you and appreciate your beautiful soul more. “I am so grateful to have met you and to be part of the angels in your life.”

Marcano’s last Instagram post used it as a place for hundreds to say their final goodbyes.

Leslie Villalba wrote, “You had such a kind heart and a smile that we will never forget. We will miss you.”

Created by Rave, the GoFundMe has already raised over $14,000 with a $20,000 donation goal. The donation will be used for funeral and legal expenses.

Jenny Henao, a public school teacher in Miami-Dade County, wrote on GoFundMe that all the former teachers at Christina M. Eve Elementary School are grieving. “We are very sad and praying for her mom,” she said. “Tear apart our beautiful angel in heaven.”

You can support her family by donating to GoFundMe here.

Valeria Caceres

Valeria Caceres was loved by many, sister Isabella Espin wrote on GoFundMe.

“She was so young and vibrant and loved by so many people,” Espin said. “She should always remember to drive safe and let the closest people know you love them.”

Cáceres has a dream of becoming a photographer, and his friend “Bxbyartz” posted it on Instagram.

You were going to start going to the gym with me, you believed in your dream of becoming a photographer, and you have plans to go to New York to visit Giancarlo, who left with you,” she said. wrote, “You Giancarlo painted beautiful skies and you are smiling and taking pictures of his works of art… I will always have them in my heart.

“Bxbyartz” was the subject of three photographs Cáceres took and posted to an account she created for her photographic work.

Dozens of people expressed their condolences in Cáceres’ latest Instagram post.

Created by Espin, the GoFundMe has already raised over $7,000 with a $20,000 donation goal. The donation will be used for funeral and legal expenses.

You can support her family by donating to GoFundMe here.

Briana Pacaragua

Briana Pacaragua had the power to make anyone who met her smile.

“My sister was a kind, lovely, wonderful, sweet, caring and happy person.

Kiara knew her sister was always careful on the road, and she said that neither she nor the others were prepared that night.

Her sister and “little best friend,” Kiara, explained that Brianna has a caring and loving model brother.

“…I could share a room with you, come up to you, talk late at night about how our days were going, run errands together, be your ‘little best friend’, be able to just do to call you my sister,” she wrote.

Some condolences and kind words were shared on her donation page.

Andrea Fernandez said: “She was such a sweet soul and I’m glad I had the chance to meet her.

A GoFundMe created by Kiara has raised over $9,000 with a $20,000 donation goal.

“Her friends and she weren’t alone and together until the end. Fly high baby,” Chiara wrote.

You can support her family by donating to GoFundMe here.

Valeria Peña

Arantza Gamarra wonders why Valeria Peña and her friends had to die young.

“It broke my soul,” Gamarra told the Herald.

After hearing the crash, she relays the tragic news to Peña’s mother.

“I’ve never done anything this hard before.”

Arantza Gamarra (left), Giancarlo Arias (middle) and Valeria Cáceres (right).

Arantza Gamarra (left), Giancarlo Arias (middle) and Valeria Cáceres (right).

Peña had a strong personality, but the 17-year-old says she saw her as a sweetheart to those who really knew her.

Cáceres, Peña and Gamarra are “inseparable souls”, with Gamarra describing “we were the three musketeers”.

With tears in her eyes, she recalled fond memories of the three of them picnicking in the park, laughing, and planning their future together. A future that is now an impossible feat.

Dozens gathered to pay tribute to Peña’s last Instagram post and share stories of how she grew as a person and the kindness she brought to others. Did.

“We all miss you. You were always the friend we wanted in life forever,” user andrezzog wrote in Spanish.

Ismalia Urbaez writes: beautiful heavenly princess ”

A friend of five, Lesly Meija, created a GoFundMe for Peña.

“Her family and friends never got the chance to see Vale grow up,” Maja writes. .”

The GoFundMe has already raised over $1,000 with a goal of $20,000.

Luis Quiaro wrote on Peña’s GoFundMe that he regretted not visiting her last Thursday after telling her not to spend $30 on Uber. and I regret not going,” he said.

you can feed her family Donate to GoFundMe here:

Valeria Peña

Valeria Peña

Giancarlo Arias

Giancarlo Arias was a passionate artist with an eye for portraiture and realism. On his Instagram account dedicated to his art work, his bio shared that he is self-taught.

The themes of his art varied, but the way he posted to his 200+ followers was consistent. He shared the title, the media used to create it, what the piece meant to him and the challenges it posed.

“An important concept that I try to express in my artwork is that of mental health,” he shared in a piece called “Reflection,” a pencil drawing of a headless angel. , covers the liberation of not having to label yourself in search of emotions.”

Arias’ work was accepted and exhibited at the Student Art Exhibition of Dali, St. Petersburg (Salvador Dali Museum). Her Instagram account from her AP Art class at Felix Barrera High School has been shared. He also earned his four Gold Keys, the highest honor of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

His former AP Art teacher, Heather Cipriani, wrote on her class’ Instagram page: I have been teaching for 21 years and have never felt such a sense of loss. ”

Arias will be attending New York University as an incoming freshman, his Instagram profile shows. A friend used his latest post as a space to share his memories.

Ana Carolina Bardizon Bermudez commented: I have always admired your talent, intelligence, and noble heart…since I saw you every day, I knew you were one of those people who would leave a mark on anyone you met.

Giancarlo Arias

Giancarlo Arias