LSU student Corrigoteer is missing in the body found on the Mississippi River, officials say


Kori Gauthier, a freshman at Louisiana State University, reported missing a week ago and was found dead.

LSU officials confirmed on Wednesday night: Recently discovered body on the Mississippi River This is Gautier.

“Since Kori was first reported missing, LSU Police Station, Baton Rouge Police Station, and other law enforcement agencies and volunteers have been trying to find her and, in the process, identify the cause of her disappearance. Has taken thorough steps, “LSU police chief Baton Thompson said in a statement. “This is a difficult conclusion for all of us, but I hope this will result in the closure of the Gautier family.”

19 years old The last time I lived was April 7thMcClatchy News previously reported towards her dorm room on campus.

Her car was found abandoned at the I-10 Mississippi Bridge in Baton Rouge with the engine running. According to officials, the vehicle was involved in an accident and was towed by a demolition yard. Gautier’s phone and purse were still inside, but there were no signs of her.

Authorities said no fraud was suspected, McClatchy reported.

LSU police provided little new information about her disappearance and death, but still maintain it.

“Based on cell phone tracking, video footage, and timelines of events related to this incident, combined with other evidence we shared with Kori’s parents that we do not have the freedom to publicly disclose with respect for privacy. It did not include criminal activity or cheating, “Thompson said.

Kori’s uncle Spencer Gautier posted a live Facebook video on Wednesday to thank volunteers and authorities. Helped find his niece We have provided support to our families over the last 7 days.

“That’s not the end result we wanted, but at least we have her body and can begin the healing process,” he said.

“Life is worth living. To be honest, life is worth living,” he added. “Don’t give up. As you can see, the people have gathered for my niece.”

Gautier’s body was discovered Advocate reported on Tuesday that the tugboat crew was on the river, more than 50 miles south of Baton Rouge. An autopsy performed the next day confirmed his identity.