Lukaschenko accused Ukraine of bombarding Belarus and “ordered the enemy’s capital to be on the muzzle.


KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO — Saturday, July 2, 2022, 19:46

Belarus’ self-proclaimed president, Aleksandr Lukaschenko, accused Ukraine of launching missiles on Belarus’ territory and ordered his troops to “point a gun” at the decision-making center of Minsk’s enemy capital. ..

sauce: On the occasion of Independence Day, Lukaschenko reports on the Belarusian state agency at the meeting on July 2nd. BelTA

Quote from Lukaschenko: “We are provoked. I have to tell you: 3 days ago, maybe a little more, they tried to attack a military facility in Belarusian territory from Ukrainian territory. But thank God Yes, the Pantsir anti-aircraft system managed to intercept all the missiles launched by the Ukrainian army. “

detail: Lukaschenko also said he ordered an army Set up a decision center In the enemy capital of Minsk Point the gun..

“I want to warn” Taka “and tell it in good faith. A little less than a month ago, I ordered an army unit. [of Belarus] As is now prevalent, your capital’s decision center is at the muzzle with all subsequent consequences. “

Lukaschenko warned that only Minsk’s enemies would “react instantly in just one second if they attacked the South Gomel, Mozier refinery, Luninets or Brest airfield as planned.”

“We have a way to answer, and not only what we recently talked to the President of Russia (about nuclear weapons-BELTA). I ​​have been prepared for this for a long time. Remember, I Talked about missiles Production, Polones [multiple rocket launcher] ―――― You are completely under attack of these missiles.. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the office or in the palace. We will respond rigorously and decisively. “

detail: At the same time, the self-proclaimed president guarantees that Belarus does not want to fight in UkraineAnd the republic “absolutely does not need” this war.

“I assure you under the vow: one Belarusian soldier is not fighting on Ukrainian territory,” he said.

“I would like to tell those who are worried if Lukaschenko will fight there, but listen. If we invade our land beyond the last meter of our land, we will fight. “Our people, we will respond,” said Lukaschenko.

At the same time, the self-proclaimed president is the Ukrainian authorities Will be pleased if Belarus invades Ukraine..

“They will be pleased. If we enter there, they will be pleased. They need it because they are commanded from’there’and do not care about the death of civilians. Ukrainian politics The house and the president have one policy: The more Ukrainians die, the more he will shout to the whole world about the atrocities of “fascists from Russia and Belarus”, “Lukaschenko said.

reference: Russia, and Belarus, are unaware of the atrocities of Russian troops in Ukraine, despite much evidence. The Russian Federation and Belarus call the killing of civilians by Russian troops in Budcha a “provocation”.